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Disney Infinity - another round of details

- 17 initial characters
- characters cost $13 a piece
- $75 “starter pack”
- only able to play characters within the levels based on their franchise
- buying new figurines will unlock entirely new levels
- Toybox mode lets all characters come together
- plans to sell “power discs” — RFID chips set in a small piece of plastic
- these can add new items into Toybox mode
- other discs will augment the game characters when you place them between the figure and the interface
- a disc with Wreck-It Ralph’s face on it will give that character more physical strength
- power discs will be sold in blind packages: $5 gets you two random discs
- developed by Avalanche
- playing through the various “playset” levels will let you unlock hundreds of new toys and parts to play with in ToyBox
- ToyBox lets you build obstacles, spawn enemies and even reposition the game’s camera
- invite friends to check out your creations online
- Disney will monitor content to see what will be allowed to share and what will be blocked
- on Wii U version: “Touch sensitivity, drag-and-drop, point-and-click is really powerful for the building modes.”
- hopes to add two-player split-screen play, with one player using the GamePad while another plays on the TV
- dev team only has a month left to get the Wii U version up to speed
- plans are in the works for Infinity 2


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No Avatar
15 Jan 2013 16:24

I knew this would happen. Skylanders opened up a whole new world of nickel and dimeing consumers. I hope this bombs.
User avatar
15 Jan 2013 16:41

robometal cowboy wrote:Power Discs sold in blind packages: $5 gets you two random discs[/b]

Unacceptable. I'm sorry but the whole blind product thing is what's keeping me away from this. Odds is there is going to be one chip that is in literally every pack but ten and thats something I think is low on Disney's behalf. The chips probally cost less then $0.80 to make too. It might be a little bit more excusable from a company that wasn't Disney. A corporation whose name alone sells crap products....
User avatar
15 Jan 2013 17:05

"- only able to play characters within the levels based on their franchise"

Lame as hell.
User avatar
15 Jan 2013 17:09

@nGen Amen. What's the point of a 'crossover' of sorts like this if you keep everyone in their own toy boxes?

Lack of effort and less funds needed this way of course...
No Avatar
15 Jan 2013 17:38

Not going to lie, this sounds awful. But hey, I don't like Skylanders either.

I'm not going to be buying a game for my nephews/nieces that will have them asking for money so they can unlock the other characters.
No Avatar
15 Jan 2013 17:50

Wow, add up price's here,
-Game starter pack $75 (With 3 figures?)
-10 More figures at launch $13 each (13 figures minus 3 in the starter pack)
-20 power up disks at $2.50 each (Sold randomly)

$75 + $130 + $50 = $255 (And you will need to buy more then 10 power up packs to get the disks you want)
No Avatar
15 Jan 2013 17:51

The issue with this game it's not original anymore. Skylanders have 2 games, and with Activison at the helm, I bet you a third by the end of this year. People (Including myself) have sunk in a lot of money into Skylanders, and another game isn't going to happen at least for me. Plus it doesn't look too amazing, and I was expecting a bit more where the idea was given to them, they don't have to create any new characters just use anything from Disney lore, and the "Toy Box" mode is a simple thing. Its like they the team has very little work to actually do, and we are still getting.....this. Add in the unlikeliness of any voice actors (the Jack and Sully 'grunts' and surprised noise were just sound bites from the movies) and it looks like a meh game.
User avatar
15 Jan 2013 18:45

$5 for two random chips that can do something as minimal as a stat boost? C'mon Disney, that's ridiculous! And $13 for more characters? Those better be some pretty extensive worlds for that price! Sounds like I may just get everything seperate when they're cheap as dirt or used at a store. There's still time Disney, don't screw this up!
User avatar
15 Jan 2013 18:47

I want to like and want this, but they are sort of pushing me away with some of their decisions.

Being able to use everyone in the Toybox mode is cool, but not in the regular levels is stupid. The pricing sucks and the random packs of 2 discs for $5 is annoying.

Also, the fact that they are planning number 2 already instead of just focusing on building on the first is lame. I mean come on! The first isn't even out yet! And why can't they just add the new ideas as updates/DLC and keep expanding the character roster for the first?
User avatar
15 Jan 2013 19:04

Holy crap that costs way too much! Disney is out of their mind!

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