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16 Jan 2013 05:27

That's..not really an argument. And I can't say I like the picture all that much.
User avatar
16 Jan 2013 05:33

KingBroly wrote:That's..not really an argument. And I can't say I like the picture all that much.

A rather curious use of the word "reboot" too when "redesign" is surely the more appropriate word.
User avatar
16 Jan 2013 06:00

Oh ugh, clickbait much, Kotaku? For anyone else who thinks it sounds like it could be an interesting article let me warn you: that picture is basically the entire article.
User avatar
16 Jan 2013 09:06

Lmfao, kotaku.

What a joke. 50% of their editorial isn't even video game related these days.
No Avatar
16 Jan 2013 09:11

thanks for the warning , a neat drawing ;They should reboot , soft reboot , add something totally new in any case , it doesn't matter what they'll call it. Whatever retro is doing (hopefully) with metroid prime 4 they should continue and do what they do best , but i don't know how , maybe involve someone else , they should add five six times the metroid blast content , in both "serious" and mii mode , with wave mode and a campaign aka going through different part of the stage . And also to do like anyone else add online to that , the lag should be minimum , and versus team play and so on.
Metroid blast is the most played game after all in nintendoland, then again that would mean they should also a brand new mode to zelda.

It's probably too late though , and can't really expect anything remotely like that (4p local coop wiimote horde campaign) from the third parties despite shooters being their thing . Let alone the clever use of a samus ship . All those helicopters in those games are on rails and keep crashing at the end .
User avatar
16 Jan 2013 12:55

I already made my rant there, so there is no need to do it here xD :lol:

Basically, don't like the redesign in this picture. I like my Samus armor heavy and intimidating!
User avatar
16 Jan 2013 15:12

A strong argument for a Metroid reboot: Other M.

I rest my case.

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