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Fire Emblem: Awakening's camera control options, including first person

- allow the camera to pan however it wishes around the characters
- have it stay still
- switch to first person
- pause the fighting sequence, fast-forward it to 2x the speed, or slow it to half the normal speed


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User avatar
16 Jan 2013 17:00

Whaat ? Game has been out for a year, and I didn't know that ?!
It's cool to see FE from a new perspective.
User avatar
16 Jan 2013 17:13

Doubt I'd use this, but it's a neat inclusion. And the battle speed options are great too.
User avatar
16 Jan 2013 17:13

I was just thinking about this game yesterday, how it should probably look more impressive since the developers keep control of the camera and a high potential for optimization because of that.

I wouldn't say this is the reason it looks as it does (which is still nice looking) but just a bonus because it wasn't optimized for one view.
User avatar
16 Jan 2013 17:49

I still haven't beaten Shadow Dragon. :(
User avatar
16 Jan 2013 18:24

Autosaver wrote:I still haven't beaten Shadow Dragon. :(

User avatar
17 Jan 2013 10:58

Always good to have more options IMO.

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