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Did You Know Gaming - Metroid's Alien connections


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User avatar
16 Jan 2013 17:47

One of the more obvious "DYKG" features, but nice to see it all there.
User avatar
16 Jan 2013 17:49

Metroids mostly come at night.... mostly.
User avatar
16 Jan 2013 17:56

Yeah this one has something I think is common knowledge among anyone who knows about Metroid, so nothing new here.
User avatar
16 Jan 2013 17:59

Definitely knew this, and it's basically common knowledge by now.
User avatar
16 Jan 2013 18:00

I didn't know any of the things regarding Aliens, except for the name Ridley Scott.
User avatar
16 Jan 2013 18:02

They're DEAD, all right? Can I gooo noooww? :lol:
No Avatar
16 Jan 2013 20:40

Funny, I was just telling my casual gaming co-worker about this today.

Also Metroid Fusion and Alien Resurrection (both the fourth) involve the protagonist fused with the titular alien species. Speaking of which, both series are named after the alien species, singular.

Doesn't explain why the third Alien movie sucked and the third Metroid game rocked, though.
User avatar
16 Jan 2013 22:49

Is it sad that I have played a lot of Metroid games from start to finish and I never knew this? This as fascinating!
User avatar
17 Jan 2013 00:28

I love Metroid and I didn't know this. Wow.

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