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16 Jan 2013 22:44

The background is outstanding, but I hope they can get some more "talent" to help out. Just Rich and some other guy seems a bit lame. But hey, it's about time Nintendo got their own show thingy on IGN.
User avatar
16 Jan 2013 23:01

30 Billion Yen which is like what? $5?

I admit, I chuckled :P
No Avatar
17 Jan 2013 03:04

@LegendofSantiago Sam has been a contributer to the NVC for a while now.
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17 Jan 2013 05:51

that was pretty good actually

I like the very informative tone of it and they probably should find some kind of opening music for the show and maybe a couple of other stuff to make it a bit more viewer friendly but other than that I liked it.
User avatar
17 Jan 2013 05:54

i now understand why the xl didn't have the second circle pad, Nintendo plans for you to buy the 3DS U, it will act as a gamepad for the WiiU but you can take it on the go to play 3DS games.
User avatar
17 Jan 2013 12:37

@ghettojourno I know his name, and what he does. I don't really care
User avatar
17 Jan 2013 14:11

What's the over/under on how many of these get put out before Rich magically stops making them? 15? 20?

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