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No Avatar
16 Jan 2013 22:59

Why do they release EVERYTHING else for Kirby's 20th Anniversary, BUT NO POSTERS?! (And I don't mean the Kirby's Dream Collection Boxart Poster, one with original Artwork like Mario, DK, Luigi's Mansion, Kid Icarus and Zelda got)
No Avatar
17 Jan 2013 00:55

Seeing all this official artwork just gives me even more of an appetite for a new Kirby game.
User avatar
17 Jan 2013 05:42

Meanwhile in Europe still nothing announced when it comes to Kirby Dream Collection...

Man I can already see being European is going to suck balls this gen.
No Avatar
17 Jan 2013 07:34

Poyo, Poyo, Poyo, Poyo...

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