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Amazon - Fire Emblem: Awakening preorders may see delay

Looks like you better cross your fingers and toes for your Fire Emblem: Awakening preorder via Amazon. Let's hope most, if not all copies ship on time. Thanks to GrubberGamer for the heads up!

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No Avatar
17 Jan 2013 23:33

Hrm.. Was gonna pre-order from them but now I'm reconsidering
No Avatar
17 Jan 2013 23:45

Good thing I pre ordered from GameStop. The only thing thing I do from them is preorder when they have a bonus offer.I don't like them otherwise. The art book was enticing
No Avatar
17 Jan 2013 23:49

I am just going to download it.
User avatar
18 Jan 2013 00:35

Well, this seems to happen all the time with Monday releases with Nintendo. I remember Golden Sun Dark Dawn and Dragon Quest VI having the same problem.
User avatar
18 Jan 2013 11:06

I will do my best to get the retail version day one!

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