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GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - GoNintendo Podcast needs YOUR input!

For those that listened to the podcast this week, you know I've been fighting off a cold. Happy to say that my voice is much closer to normal today. Let's hope tomorrow I'm even better! I also hope that you guys are healthy as can be! See you in a few, short hours.

I don't give the GoNintendo Podcast enough love outside of the show itself. I do it every single week, alongside a number of site regulars. You would think that something I do every week would be at the forefront of my mind! Unfortunately, it takes a backseat to the regular work schedule during the week.

That's why I'm making a point to switch things up for this End of Day thought. It's time to give the show a little love. The thing is, to give the show the love it needs, I need some sweet lovin' from you! That's right, there are a couple sections of the podcast where we need your help!

For those that don't listen to the podcast, there are two sections that are specifically focused on input from the listeners. One of those sections features user-submitted questions on our messageboard. You leave questions, we answer in the show. The second part is a music quiz section. You send in your Nintendo-related game music (any game that has appeared on any Nintendo hardware) and the team tries to figure out what game it's from.

Obviously these sections don't work without your support! If I may be so bold, I'd like to direct you to the submission processes for those sections of the show! If you could take a moment and send some content our way, we would greatly appreciate it. We love answering your questions and the music section is definitely a fan favorite, but we need your input to keep them going!

Submit your podcast questions here!

Submit your music to GNPodcastMusic@gmail.com!

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22 Jan 2013 05:52

It's been over a year since I last sent in some music. Time to put that right, I think! Just to check: we can send YouTube links rather than just audio files now, can't we?
User avatar
22 Jan 2013 11:08

I've been waiting for the last of my large-ZIP-file music to be used before going into the new only-one-per-email regiment, but I haven't heard it yet...then again I haven't listened to this podcast yet, but I figured if you were desperate for more music you would have used it by now(so maybe it fell through the cracks, I guess).

I'm also a bit hesitant about what music I send in... I want to send in music that's not easy, and is from games that I like, but half the time you guys either knew them right away, or you were frustrated and didn't know what it was at all. So I'm torn between trying hard to find in-between music, or just go all out with whatever I like, or just throwing you a bone with dirt-easy music. Hard to say... I'm going to look into getting at least one more music done and submitting it this week, though.
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22 Jan 2013 11:46

Not sure why I stopped listening to the podcast. I think I got tired of the Pokemon piece. I usually kept skipping to like 8 minutes in. Got tired of that. I also can't for the love of god remember who is who. Seriously, except for Mom B and RMC I suck with everyone else.
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22 Jan 2013 12:25

The only question I would ever ask is: When will you jerks bring back the Willy Beamish theme?

I'm actually about 20 podcasts behind but I'll catch up within a month. Real life got in the way of listening to podcasts about six months ago.
User avatar
22 Jan 2013 12:31

I actually haven't been able to listen to the podcast (or post on the site) for a few months due to trying to catch up on my backlog of games before I go off to college, but I'm almost done with that so I'll be sure to send you a big list of songs sometime this week and I should be able to spend a little more time on the site as well.
User avatar
22 Jan 2013 18:13

Everyone, I think this is rmc's way of implying that the questions segment will go back to getting real attention on the show (remember when it was 10 questions and close to a half hour?), instead of 1-2 questions answered over 5-10 minutes.

That means we can have that thread unlocked more...thanks rmc!
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22 Jan 2013 19:51

I gave muh participation! Yayzorz!

I sent tons of youtube links for music, I hope that isn't a big deal. XD

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