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Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission - spirit bomb building details

- gather energy through others via StreetPass to charge up an ultimate Spirit Bomb
- you can also do this via a roulette mini game
- get a bonus for landing on the same image three times
- also gain energy through a StreetPass training feature in Story Mode


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User avatar
24 Jan 2013 22:30

So is this game coming to North America?
User avatar
25 Jan 2013 00:31

Doubt it :-( We didn't get the Tenkaichi DS game that came out 3 Years ago when they released DBKai.
No Avatar
25 Jan 2013 12:13

I wish they made the first Supersonic Warriors (GBA) in 3D. Or a new mini Tenkaichi. But oddly enough, I noticed that Nintendo has completely eliminated the existence of Wii's Tenkaichi 3 from all their main Wii game listings, so there's little to no hope for DBZ games in the US as far as I know... sadface.
User avatar
25 Jan 2013 15:58

Such a shame, here I'm hoping this game'll come out here.

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