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24 Jan 2013 22:29

EPIC. they need to watch out that they don't accidentally use a fan sprite or something.
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24 Jan 2013 22:33

Bob & George & Sonic & Knuckles
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24 Jan 2013 22:49

One of those sprites is actually ripped from a 32bit console, the GBA.
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24 Jan 2013 22:51

Eh, not really that great. The look more like amateur fan-arts than something professional.
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24 Jan 2013 23:04

It looks more like a fan made web comic than something official.
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25 Jan 2013 01:48


No. They look pretty awful. The only exciting thing is OMG SPRITES CROSSOVERS OMG and that auto-turns on some kind of switch to make people think it is great.

They are badly done and not very professional looking and it's very obvious when you had to deal with this kind of stuff for several years. It looks fan made. It's not nitpicking at all. Nitpicking would be complaining that the sprites are not 16-bit (GBA sprites). Calling it nitpicking is turning a blind eye to bad graphic design.

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