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Oliver and Spike: Dimension Jumpers coming to Wii U

What if there was more than one dimension? What if what you do in one Dimension is influencing what happens in another? Welcome to our development blog. We love to hear from you, feedback and comments are VERY welcome :)

We follow Oliver, a boy with a special heritage, and his faithful little friend, the British bull-terrier Spike. Oliver was separated from his parents as a child and it's your task to uncover his past and future as you travel through the dimensions on the quest for answers.

Oliver&Spike: Dimension Jumpers is Ratchet&Clank meets Zelda meets Uncharted, wrapped in a mix between Adventure and Platformer with a twist. The twist is the Dimension Jumping. Each world you play on has at least three parallel dimensions to explore and use. Each of these dimensions has its own storyline, quest-arcs, npcs, fauna and flora but most importantly: different physical laws. They are fully explorable and yours to manipulate to get ahead in the storyline.

You can read more about the Dimension Jumping basics here and about the actual gameplay feature here. Check out some in-game screenshots or start by reading our online comic.
Don't forget to like us on facebook for exclusive content and give-aways :)

Check out more screens here (thanks Francois!)

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User avatar
28 Jan 2013 14:59

"Oliver&Spike: Dimension Jumpers is Ratchet&Clank meets Zelda meets Uncharted, wrapped in a mix between Adventure and Platformer with a twist."
Sounds good to me
User avatar
28 Jan 2013 15:05

Sounds really cool! And I must say, that picture is beautiful. I knew from the start that we'd just be seeing more games with better art directions on Nintendo platforms than we have on 360 and PS3.
User avatar
28 Jan 2013 15:37

It's also coming to 360 and ps3 though. :O
Still, it really looks cool, I can't wait to play it.
Also, I am the one that sent the tip. :D
No Avatar
28 Jan 2013 17:17

Hi everyone. I am Tascha from Rock Pocket Games,

Really cool that you are excited about the game but I need to mention that we are not yet sure which platforms we can release it on. It all comes down to possible partner for the rest of the development :)

Just a heads-up from our side :)
User avatar
28 Jan 2013 19:12

This looks great! I'm definitely interested :)
No Avatar
28 Jan 2013 23:09

That crate reminds me of the old Crash Bandicoot games. Good start :D. Hopefully it makes to the eShop :)!
No Avatar
28 Jan 2013 23:23

Not sure which platform , hopefully wii u but i would definitely aim for pc also and i'm not just saying that because of the recurrent pc sales . On eshop it would be a star i'm sure of it , so gorgeous .

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