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30 Jan 2013 22:13

Why is this in units of ten thousands? That's an odd choice.
User avatar
30 Jan 2013 22:28

what the nsmb 2 is selling five times better then nsmb ds? i thought nsmb ds was the second best selling mario game,and that's including bundle sales...
No Avatar
30 Jan 2013 23:07

it's thirty million for nsmb 1ds with very few bundled sales , let's not confuse the new bundle with the permanent one made by smb1 and wii sports . And 6 million for the nsmb 2 3ds , oh i see they still sold one brand new million of the first ds game , incredible . 8 million for 3dland , 7.7million for mario kart 7 that's quite a coincidence . Lot of great games , unique games , non fps of the week game to be clear .
No Avatar
30 Jan 2013 23:58

Needs Kid Icarus Uprising.

One day...
User avatar
31 Jan 2013 05:22


I know. The retarded critics killed Kid Icarus though.

It's still my personal GOTY with RE:R. 2 games that were totally forgotten, along with NSMBU but deserved to be at least considered. Granted Dishonored and Xcom are very good games but these three titles are overall a lot better than some of the games that were usually nominated.

But oh well, GOTY suck, big shocker. It has sucked for years and it still does.

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