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30 Jan 2013 22:32

Looks awesome, could be a nice time waster but in all honesty, I don't see myself using this very often.
No Avatar
30 Jan 2013 22:33

This seems like something that will appeal way more in Japan than here...
User avatar
30 Jan 2013 23:04

Lots of people use streetview in google maps. I use it when I'm going someplace new and want to know where to park. GPS don't do that!
User avatar
30 Jan 2013 23:13

I can't see myself taking the time to even download this app unless I'll get free Club Nintendo coins for it.

They haven't even made an original eShop game yet but they'll spend time on something like this?
User avatar
30 Jan 2013 23:14

Definitely has no use, but it's definitely a lot better than the Everybody Votes Channel on the Wii...
User avatar
30 Jan 2013 23:27

Eh...it is rather pointless but my autistic brother will enjoy it...he loves going on google maps and looking at roads...
No Avatar
30 Jan 2013 23:44

It would be great if Google Maps itself would do this when you connect to it with the Wii U browser. Other than that, making an app for it is far from ideal... like making a Pokédex app for 3DS that you can't access while you're playing the games.
User avatar
31 Jan 2013 00:56

And Americans

"I'm gonna take a walk in the park... on the Wii U"
User avatar
31 Jan 2013 01:34

I think it'll be cool to mess around with.
User avatar
31 Jan 2013 04:47

It will be awesome to "travel" without all the expanses it usually entail. Sure, it won't ever come near it's awesomeness, but it'll probably the closest I'll be able to achieve for the next 10 to 15 years, so I'm glad they are doing it.

Please, don't say it's pointless or stupid just because you are not interested. This is clearly not intended for you, and some that are interested could feel bad for waiting this APP eagerly.
No Avatar
31 Jan 2013 06:58

Looks... I don't know, it looks.

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