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E.X. Troopers trademark officially dead

The last hope for E.X. Troopers getting localized has just died. The trademark that Capcom originally filed for outside of Japan has now expired. That's a shame to see, because I really was hoping the 3DS outing would make its way here...somehow. Thanks to Rockman for the heads up!

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01 Feb 2013 22:17

Probably needs more of demand. I wish Xseed could step in. Haha.
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01 Feb 2013 22:29

melvin2898 wrote:Probably needs more of demand. I wish Xseed could step in. Haha.

Xseed is our messha man ;_;.

I'm disappointed we won't be getting this game in any form, whether it be on 3DS or PS3.

Maybe they'll name it something else? It is a Lost Planet spin off right? Eh who am I kidding, I shouldn't get my hopes up.
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01 Feb 2013 23:00

Sad for those interested, but a bomba is a bomba. I'm still upset that we'll never see Level-5's Time Travelers.
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01 Feb 2013 23:20

Just focus on the now. Fire Emblem, Luigi, castlevania, we'll get what we get when we get it
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02 Feb 2013 11:20

LordRoto wrote:Just focus on the now. we'll get what we get when we get it

This is the now, we want it; and we're not getting it. It's final, so shush up.

It's a real shame the majority of people won't get a chance to play this game, my copy for PS3 arrived on Tuesday and it is a amazing sounding, looking, and playing game. Enemies really do need more variety, like most interviewers said though.

EDIT: Apparently the EU trademark expires in 2021 lmao. Also, Xenoblade Chronicles doesn't even have a trademark lmfao.

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