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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed availabel on Nintendo 3DS

Check out more screens in our Flickr set

SAN FRANCISCO & LONDON– February 4, 2013 –SEGA® of America Inc. and SEGA® Europe are pleased to confirm Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed™ for the Nintendo 3DS™ hand-held system will arrive in stores on February 12, 2013 (February 8, 2013 for Europe). The thrilling race across land, air and water continues on the 3DS where you can play as your Mii alongside Sonic and the SEGA All-Stars in your own transforming vehicle. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for the 3DS also includes StreetPass challenges and features and allows you play with up to seven of your friends using multi cart or single cart play.

Racers can push the accelerator to the limit when they get behind the wheel and choose from 22 playable SEGA All-stars characters including Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Dr. Eggman. Or try out the skills of the two all-new special guest racers – NASCAR star Danica Patrick and Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph. With over 20 tracks and arenas to explore, gamers will discover alternative routes and shortcuts and perfect their driving skills to overtake their rivals in this adrenaline fuelled dash to the finish line.

At launch, the Nintendo 3DS Bonus Edition of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed will be available at your local retailer while supplies last. The exclusive bonus edition content features: Metal Sonic as a playable character along with his transforming vehicle and Mod Pack, an additional Outrun Bay Track plus challenges and time trials, and stickers for your in-game driver’s license.

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No Avatar
04 Feb 2013 14:55

I can't believe that we waited this long for that. It looks terrible!

Diddy Kong Racing graphics on 3DS, hurrah!
User avatar
04 Feb 2013 17:12

Somethings is wrong with those screens. They've been compressed to hell and back. The guy on youtube who has it says it looks "HEAPS" better than MK7 and these screens don't seem to do his words, or the video he posted for that matter, justice.
User avatar
04 Feb 2013 18:26

You spelled a word wrong.
User avatar
04 Feb 2013 18:27

Microtic wrote:I can't believe that we waited this long for that. It looks terrible!

Diddy Kong Racing graphics on 3DS, hurrah!

Buy it on Wii U or don't buy it at all. lol
User avatar
04 Feb 2013 19:51

When are non-Nintendo game devs gonna start trying to make 3DS titles...?
User avatar
04 Feb 2013 23:01

And then suddenly, this game is out.

Looks nice. Seems better than MK7 in some of those shots, though it remains to be seen how it runs.

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