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04 Feb 2013 15:48

just love those lego vehicles , even the oversized skateboard so close to the actual toys
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04 Feb 2013 15:59

I´m not even a fan of legos, but I do like open world games with stuff to find and explore, that´s why this game is gonna be day 1
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05 Feb 2013 01:41

I've had this preordered since before launch. I think the game is now running at a smooth 30fps framerate. Which is good because at E3, it was running kind of choppy.

I just hope it has enough content in the game. I mean, if its an open world game, I expect those games to have alot of missions and side-missions and hidden secrets. I know its a Lego game, and chances are it is designed with kids in mind, but I have expectations for open world games.

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