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Crytek surprised no one bid on Vigil

"We were surprised when nobody bid on Vigil. We would have liked to have bid, but there were too many unknowns. I thought that maybe we could reconsider bidding, but eventually we decided not to because the projects [the developer was working on] weren't strategically fit for us, but I really liked David [when I talked to him] on the phone. He made a very good impression on me as someone who really cared, someone who is really passionate about what he does, and someone who is passionate about the team he works with." - Crytek's Cevat Yerli

So...Crytek is surprised no one big on Vigil, but they didn't bid on Vigil either. So they were surprised that everyone did the same thing they did?


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04 Feb 2013 19:17

Well they're saying the reason they didn't bid on Vigil was because Vigil's projects didn't suit Crytek. So Crytek was thinking that Vigil's projects probably suited other developers better, not necessarily that they didn't like Vigil or that they're not worth any companies time.

Or at least that's how I'm understanding it.
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04 Feb 2013 21:03

SO what ? That's not bringing Darksiders back from Limbo ... I really hope that someday we could see the real ending of this great history ... just finished Darksiders II and Im like in need of more :oops:

RIP Darksiders
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04 Feb 2013 22:57

Of course Crytek didn't bid, they were opening their new Crytek USA studio in Austin with a bunch of ex-Vigil employees.

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free (or at least cheap)?

Did it come as any surprise that they announced Crytek USA basically the day after Vigil got word that they were officially closing shop after getting no bids? In fact, if word got around the industry that Vigil's talent was already being poached and that some of their top talent would be leave the studio regardless if they they were bought or not, is it not surprising that no one would still try to buy a studio working on a new IP that was still far off from completion with a team that might have become a shell of it's former self? Sounds like an easy way to throw away money if you ask me.

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