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Mega Man composer discusses the series' music ties

A portion of a KoopaTV interview with Manami Matsumae...

K: Was Rockman built, from the very beginning, to rely heavily on music? I mean, Rockman, and then Blues (In the US, his name is Proto Man), then Roll, and we also have characters like Bass (in Japan, his name is Forte) and his dog Treble. Rock, Roll, Blues, Bass, Treble. Was this established since the game’s inception, or was it decided later on?

Manami: I don’t believe it was decided from the beginning to be like that. When I was still at Capcom, I remember the composer of Mega Man 3 saying, “With Mega Man 3, this time we’re going to make a blues whistle!” There was also a change of planners beginning with 3, and many characters were made after, who each had their own music.

Full interview here


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