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Prepare for surprising story bits in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate

A portion of a GameSpot interview with Producer David Cox...

GS: So, Lords of Shadow freed you up to take some liberties with the series' storyline. Do you think that fans are going to be surprised with some of the events that take place in Mirror of Fate?

DC: I think so, especially the story side of it. I think having a bad guy who has some depth to him, where you can kind of understand how he got to this placeā€¦at the end of this game, it's a WTF moment--it really is. We show Dracula how he has never been shown before, and I think people will go, "Shit, if I was him, I would be the bloody same." You know what I mean? So we're trying to give a perspective on it. Good and evil is not black and white in real life. Having characters who aren't black and white is really important to this game. I think that's something we've achieved, certainly with Dracula, with Simon, and with Trevor, because they are nuanced characters that have stories to tell, and it's a really interesting story that's really emotional. When you finish it, because you play the game backwards, starting with Simon, then playing as Alucard, then Trevor, it all becomes clear right at the end. That's the reason we did it. The very last scene, you click, and you want to play it again. You'll notice things that seem offhand or you didn't really notice before, and you go, "Aw shit!" It gives the game more depth. That's something we're really proud of with Mirror or Fate. The replayability is fantastic. I can't stop playing it, and I've been working on it for two years.

Full interview here

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05 Feb 2013 03:05

Whoa whoa... you play Trevor last? I didn't realize that. I thought we went forward.

MAYBE SPOILERS~ Anyway, they already revealed and made things obvious as hell, so I don't know what surprising stuff they're talking about unless "LOLOMG TREVOR IS ALUCARD" is NOT their big reveal.

Either way pumped.

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