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Activision reveals Skylanders Swap Force, due out this Fall

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05 Feb 2013 08:10

Great video. Funny, informative, and interesting. Maybe don't have blanket feelings about a topic to the point that you blindly downvote anything that mentions it, please.
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05 Feb 2013 08:46

It seems Skylanders is quickly becoming the E rated Call of Duty...
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05 Feb 2013 09:06

OK, so now I don't want to buy Skylanders. I hope this is third time to the well find's it empty. You are too evil Activision. Hope you crash and burn now.
No Avatar
05 Feb 2013 14:41

lol, what's with the hate? Isn't the point of buying all those figures so you can use them in more then one game?

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