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Skylanders Swap Force - more details

- due out this Fall
- Wii U and 3DS
- more than 50 figures
- swap parts of the figures
- 16 Swap Force figures that can be split at the waist
- the parts are connected by a magnet
- create 256 Swap Force characters by swapping parts
- example: take Magna Charge, a tech Skylander with a magnetic head and an energy blaster, and combine his base with Wash Buckler's upper body
- Wash Buckler is a pirate with squid tentacles who can fire a pistol, squirt squid ink and swing a cutlass
- Wash Buckler is stronger but slower than Magna Charge
- by combining the two parts, the new character can use strong attacks as well as Magna Charge's unicycle to take out a harder enemy
- Swap Zones which can only be reached by using a certain type of Swap Force character
- a volcanic eruption caused these Swap Force characters to be torn apart
- developed by Vicarious Visions
- N-Space are developing the 3DS version
- 16 new Skylanders, including Countdown and Roller Ball
- Countdown can can fire rockets from his arms
- Roller Brawl is an undead rollerblader who can perform a rolling headbut
- new versions of old Skylanders each have a new pose and boast a new Wow Pow upgrade power
- use your old Skylanders with the game, each of which now have the ability to jump skyward
- comes with a Starter Pack which includes two Swap Force figures, one regular Skylander, the all-new Portal Of Power, stickers, a poster and the game
- must have the new Portal Of Power - which lights up - to play Skylanders: Swap Force


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User avatar
05 Feb 2013 06:53

What the hell they're already making a third one? I didn't even know the second one came out already. This is just disgusting, really. Skylanders is already as saturated as CoD. Spyro was the main game I played when I was younger - all three of the original PS1 titles. Each new Skylanders game just makes me more and more sad. This series barely has anything to do with Spyro at all.
No Avatar
05 Feb 2013 09:40

The idea is neat, but you HAVE to have the new Portal of Power. I might be out at that point.

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