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Hackers create Wii U GamePad to PC Controller software

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05 Feb 2013 06:42

Hold on... This just looks like it's via the web browser. A bit of fancy programming yes, but I wouldn't say hacking or truly connecting the Gamepad just yet.

I'd like to see something like Glovepie utilize it. It's great hooking up a Wiimote to the PC to play Megama x Street Fighter! Even that Tetris game on Facebook comes to life with it.
User avatar
05 Feb 2013 07:51

Cute, but I wouldn't waste battery life on this.
No Avatar
05 Feb 2013 08:58

Finally, interesting hack since Fail0verflow hacked the WiiU. XD
User avatar
05 Feb 2013 09:04

Why do I care that I can hook my Wii U Game Pad up to a smaller screen to play with it?
No Avatar
05 Feb 2013 09:26

I knew it was just a matter of time. I'm glad it happened sooner rather then later.
User avatar
05 Feb 2013 11:11

Obviously, this web rather than native development, but still fancy! There are quite a few things you can do with web apps after all, including things that could use the GamePad's screen.
No Avatar
05 Feb 2013 13:43

This is clever and I can tell you how this works.

1.) There is an "input server" running on the PC that hosts a web service.
2.) The user goes to the web page. The page listens for Wii U inputs. The Wii U likely has javascript events for the buttons much the way the Wii did.
3.) The web page sends the data to the web server running on the host PC via an AJAX call.
4.) The PC translates the HTTP request into a button press.
5.) Software receives button presses as input.

When I clicked on this article, I was hoping to see PC based software running on the tablet controller. That would have been epic. I doubt it would be possible to encode and stream PC images to the controller through the web interface fast enough to do this though.
No Avatar
05 Feb 2013 22:33

As long as they don't hamper my game experience, they can hack their Wii Us all they want. Nintendo should make some sort of boobytrap within the Wii Us programming so that when hackers attempt to mess with it, it fries their computer or it activates a data eating bug or something.

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