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Paper Mario Sticker Star - commercial behind-the-scenes

Behind The Scenes NINTENDO 3DS's Paper Mario Sticker 1 from CanCanClub on Vimeo.

Behind The Scenes NINTENDO 3DS's Paper Mario Sticker Star 2 from CanCanClub on Vimeo.

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05 Feb 2013 15:34

I really do love the highlighted paper style that sticker star had, even though it felt a little flat towards the end, so this kind of stuff really makes me happy to see. I can't wait till the next PM outing.
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05 Feb 2013 17:08

I think it picked up a lot around the middle of the game(World 4 specifically), but then dropped off at the end :/ Too bad though, Let's hope the Wii U's Paper Mario will be amazingly epic and grand, and just as funny!

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