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Japan getting third party 3DS Nintendo Direct next week

This is absolute madness, I tell you! We're just minute after a Nintendo Direct triple threat, but Nintendo has already announced another event! Japan is getting a 3DS-focused Nintendo Direct next week, but it will center on third party games. No specific date yet, but we'll be sure to update this post with that info.


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User avatar
14 Feb 2013 10:56

Good I want to know if Okami will ever make it to Wii U.
User avatar
14 Feb 2013 11:00

J0RdAnN wrote:Good I want to know if Okami will ever make it to Wii U.

haha, it says right in the title "third party 3ds Nintendo Direct", i wouldn't count on a wii u okami announcement....

but having one in japan makes sense. after all, their's today was rather short and didn't cover any third party games while everyone else's did. bring out the new title announcements, jp!
User avatar
14 Feb 2013 11:06

America, get one also and announce Bravely Default. >.>
User avatar
14 Feb 2013 11:09

1. Wii U 3rd Party Nintendo Direct is DESPERATELY needed!
2. 3DS just continues to shine leaving Wii U to look like a steaming pile...
3. America needs to have that one as well.
User avatar
14 Feb 2013 11:18

So MH4 then...

Unless they announce new stuff here too.
User avatar
14 Feb 2013 13:52

Maybe we'll actually here something about the long ago announced and way over due Contra 3DS. Then again, we probably won't.
User avatar
14 Feb 2013 14:00

I hope they have a Nintendo Direct every week from now on!

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