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Coming from LinkedIn...

Wonder what they could be up to. Maybe we'll see at E3? Thanks to DeSero for the heads up!


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01 Mar 2013 18:10

Very cool. Whatever they are working on it should be far along, as Pilotwings released two years ago. When the rumors of Diddy Kong Racing for Wii U surfaced I was skeptical due to them being a team of about 25 people... Though I suppose it could be some possible collaboration. I have actually never purchased a game made by them, but their upcoming project might be the first!
User avatar
01 Mar 2013 18:15


Donkey Kong 3D?
User avatar
01 Mar 2013 18:36

Please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be a new Excite.
User avatar
01 Mar 2013 19:23

Excitebots/truck 3D?

Maybe they're working on a new F-Zero? A man can dream, right?
User avatar
01 Mar 2013 20:02

New Excite Bike/Trucks/Bots!

I would accept F-Zero too.
User avatar
01 Mar 2013 21:59

Excite Truck 3D, ExciteBots 3D or F-ZERO 3DX, please?
User avatar
02 Mar 2013 09:48

It's got to be WaveRace:Resort.

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