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Saints Row 4 not coming to Wii U

Remember when Saints Row was coming to the 3DS, then that deal crapped out? Now it seems like the series will never hit a Nintendo platform. While Saints Row 4 was announced earlier today, it has already been confirmed that the title isn't making its way to Wii U. Thanks to Peenbbb2 for the heads up!


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User avatar
15 Mar 2013 12:53

Anyone shocked by this? anyone?
No Avatar
15 Mar 2013 12:57

Well in their defense, Development of this saints row started as DLC for SR3. The DLC went far beyond the scope and they decided to make it into sr4. Given that Volition Isn't really in a position to make the call to go to Wii U, it is understandable. Remember, they've got a new home.
User avatar
15 Mar 2013 12:58

Makes sense, considering how this game came to be.
User avatar
15 Mar 2013 12:59

I like the level-headedness in the comments here. As others have said it makes sense considering what just happened with THQ and Volition as well as the fact that this was actually initially going to be DLC.
User avatar
15 Mar 2013 13:12

They're only making this game on "current gen" consoles and they clarify the Wii U is not part of it. So therefore, it's not coming to the Wii U.

Still sucks that we're not getting the game, but after reading @Nintendude92's comment, it's understandable.
User avatar
15 Mar 2013 13:12

Will wait for it to be ~$10 on steam. :)
No Avatar
15 Mar 2013 13:25

I have the other systems so this effects me none. I can't wait to play this. But I do hope nintendo starts putting something out soon. Like the 3ds I am regretting getting this first day and falling for the same lie by iwata twice. But hopefully from here on out games come, like monster hunter and the Lego game next week. And hopefully most of the January games come out this year.
User avatar
15 Mar 2013 13:44

_DiGiTaL_ wrote:Will wait for it to be ~$10 on steam. :)

Same here 8)
User avatar
15 Mar 2013 13:44

sucks, but understandable given it's roots and the financial hoops it has jumped through
No Avatar
15 Mar 2013 14:04

Confirmation Wii U is next Gen then?
No Avatar
15 Mar 2013 15:16

Best news of the week.
User avatar
15 Mar 2013 15:57

Would've been odd to have the fourth entry in the series on a platform that'd never seen any prior ones [not without a game collection pack] anyway.
User avatar
15 Mar 2013 18:43

So it's not coming to "Current-Gen System" and others Argue that the Wii U isn't a "Next Gen" system, then what the hell is it?
User avatar
16 Mar 2013 10:49

I'm not interested in Saints Row at all. I'm still bummed out that GTA isn't coming.... GRRRRRRRRR

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