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GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - How long are your gaming sessions?

Monday, you always suck. You signal the start of the work week. No matter how great your job is, you'll eventually hit a point where Monday morning just plain stinks! At least it's over and the weekend is on its way. Let's work hard so we can play hard! See you in a few, short hours.

There are SO many great games out there right now. That goes for every platform on the market. Just about every system has gotten some major software in the last few weeks. It's so nice to see the Wii U really motoring along with some top-notch fun. LEGO City Undercover and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate are two high-caliber titles that offer up ridiculous amounts of play.

As usual, there's never enough time in the day to play when you want. You have to fit in your gaming time whenever you get the chance to do so. Sometimes that means staying up a little too late. Other times that means using your weekend to cram as much gaming in as possible. Binge sessions are the way of busy kids and adults!

That's usually how my gaming sessions go, but my body has always had a limit. I've marveled at people that play games all day long. I just don't know how people do it. Lube cam play a game from sun up to sun down, with bathroom breaks and meals the only thing stopping him. I just don't think that's in my genetic makeup!

I can play a game for a good 3-4 hours before some sort of fatigue sets in. Usually I get tired eyes or a slight headache. It's enough to ruin my enjoyment of the game, so I know I should cut my losses and turn things off. If I keep pushing, things only get worse and I tie those negative feelings to the game itself. It's best if I just get in a good 3-hour session and then call it a day.

What's your personal limit? How long do you normally sit and play games? How many hours do you think you put in a week?

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26 Mar 2013 08:10

Mine last 6—7 hours.

Sometimes even longer. :)
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26 Mar 2013 08:28

During the work week I'm lucky to get an hour or two in a day. Though every once in awhile I make the choice to stay up until 4AM and have a nice play session. Usually regret this the following work day, but as of yet I haven't messed up my job.

Weekends are a bit of a different story. Some weekends I get to play 6-8 a day which is nice.
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26 Mar 2013 08:29

I seem to be in the minority here. My game sessions tend to be short - usually a half hour to an hour. I might have two or three sessions in one day, but each one tends to be short. You think it's hard to get to all the games you find interesting with 3 or 4 hour sessions - try doing it the way I do! And yet I still follow game news regularly. Guess it's the masochist in me :lol:
User avatar
26 Mar 2013 08:35

Depends on the game. Could be from 10 minutes, to hours and hours. When a game is brand new (or just new to me) I tend to play it for a longer time. My longest time for one session is 18 hours, which was the day GTA: San Andreas came out. lol
No Avatar
26 Mar 2013 09:32

Poopaloop wrote:
robometal cowboy wrote: Let's work hard so we can play hard! See you in a few, short hours.

Very nice! Gave me a good chuckle.
No Avatar
26 Mar 2013 09:33

To echo what someone else said, being an adult really is a drag (sure, there are perks too :)), because there just isn't a lot of time for gaming. That's one of the reasons I haven't picked up Monster Hunter for WiiU...I don't think I have the time for it. Usually my sessions are relatively short during the work week, maybe an hour to an hour and a half in the evenings. But, it really does depend on the game. I can remember spending hours at a time with Resident Evil 4 and Metroid Prime 2 on the Cube. Age of Empires and the Advance Wars titles took up an ungodly amount of my time on the DS (that library of games was and remains amazing, imo)...as far as the Wii goes, my longest gaming sessions were probably with Elebits, strange as it may seem. (Really thought that was a an early gem on the Wii.) More recently, I've spent a good bit of time in one sitting with Uncharted 2 on the PS3 and Fire Emblem: Awakening on 3DS. But again, that 'good bit of time' is relatively short, compared to others here...there's so many others things to do/watch/read, etc.
User avatar
26 Mar 2013 10:01

I find myself getting about two hours a day, plus an extra thirty minutes in the morning when I'm on the recumbent bike. Perfect for games that can be taken in bite sizes like Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon and Fire Emblem Awakening.

Personal record is 14 hours straight for five days straight getting my level 62 to level 80 in WoW. Stopped playing the game for good after that.
User avatar
26 Mar 2013 10:04

Portable games aside I won't sit down with a game unless I can dedicate at least 1 solid hour to do nothing but play it. I feel like playing a game in too short of bursts cuts down on the overall quality of the experience and prevents you from being truly immersed in the game world. The only exceptions to this are portable games.
User avatar
26 Mar 2013 10:11

Unfortunately I'm in the same boat you described with not enough time for gaming lately. I usually only get to play about 2 hours at a time. But if I had nothing getting in the way, I can play for hours!

My personal record is about 9.5 hours, I played through Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the Gamecube from start to finish in one sitting. I was really proud of that :) I wish I could do that these days...
User avatar
26 Mar 2013 10:29

I think it depends of the time... i mean if is summer arround 3 or 4 hour, but when studies start i play arround half or 1 hour at day...

"Our" record... because we do is with all my friends - was playing arround 7 pm until 9 am.... yeah it was a blast, i remember play SSBB, Mario Kart Wii, Wii Party, Mario Strikers and even Pac-Man Party and DKC2 that time... it was awsome but not healthy XD
User avatar
26 Mar 2013 10:57

As a full-time housewife and stay-at-home mom, I have a LOT of free time. However, most of that free time is devoted to housework, tending to my daughter, interneting, etc. My 3DS is a godsend, though, because I can get some gaming in and just close it if my daughter needs something, I need to move laundry, etc. I rarely play console games because they're more dedicated, and I just don't have the time. Lately, it's been all Fire Emblem, all the time for me. During the week, I can usually squeeze in 3.5-5.5 hours a day, spread out in several half-hour to an hour sessions, but most of that comes after my husband comes home and I have an extra set of hands. On the weekends, I have more free time for gaming, so my average is more around 8 to 10 hours a day, but that's still spread out over hour sessions. As a kid, I could sit for hours and play, but nowadays, with the exception of Harvest Moon, I can 't really play for more than two hours in one sitting; I just get restless and have to get up.
User avatar
26 Mar 2013 11:41

Well, to me, more than the game, it depends on the season, when it's school and a free day is away, my gaming sessions are of 1-3 hours, but on free days and vacations, it can last 10+ hours, only pausing when eating, nature calling and transporting my granda to her house, but I normally stop around 11pm-12am.
A notable exception was when a friend had her fifteen party, I was playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl when I got was on my house at 3am and lasted until like 1pm.
No Avatar
26 Mar 2013 11:43

This is why more involved games, RPGS and such, never get finished in my house! On a lucky day I get 1-2 hours, I take a break then have to do something else! I'm jealous of everyone logging major hours on MHU, I just don't have the time.
User avatar
26 Mar 2013 11:49

I don't get to play as long as I used to. Work, family, etc. keeps me away. I have notice though that I seem to play my 3DS in longer sessions than I do the Wii U or PC games. I'm not sure why that is exactly.
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26 Mar 2013 11:51

Any more than an hour or two and I need a break.
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26 Mar 2013 12:00

Depends on the game. Adventure games like Skyward Sword and Skyrim can be played for like 13 hours a day on the weekend with bathroom breaks and meals worked in. I play Minecraft in bursts of 2-3 hours at a time. It just depends on the game.
User avatar
26 Mar 2013 12:19

Well, I just stayed up until three in the morning to finish Antichamber in one go. I'd already pre-loaded Bioshock Infinite and I knew that if I started it I'd never get back to Antichamber. I can only imagine what Bioshock Infinite will do to me... It's my most looked forward too game since Kid Icarus Uprising came out.
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26 Mar 2013 12:37

LONG, very LONG. Longest was Mass Effect 3 for 26 hours. I usually play free-roam games for hours
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26 Mar 2013 12:39

Like most of you, it depends on the game. The average gaming session for me is about 2-3 hours at a time with maybe a total of 5 hours a day. I have just over 40 hours in Monster Hunter, and that includes a 10-hour run on Saturday playing co-op with friends. My longest gaming session is kind of hard to pinpoint, there were many times i would stay with friends and get up in the morning and play until 2-3 at night.
User avatar
26 Mar 2013 13:00

I'm the kinda person who plays games 2-4 hours at time,then maybe takes a 10 minute break. Then i go back to playing.
No Avatar
26 Mar 2013 13:18

When I was younger it'd be all day/all night. When I get OoT back in 98 I played it nonstop (other than bathroom, sleep, and eat) during winter break for the whole week. Nowadays it's more like 2-4 hours, depending on the game. Once when I was a lot younger, my friend and I stayed up past sunrise playing the original Gauntlet on NES. We managed to clear the whole game which considering we couldn't have been much older than 10 or so was a pretty big deal.
No Avatar
26 Mar 2013 13:57

I discovered long ago that 3 hours max is optimal - any longer and I start getting tense and grumpy, and dungeons become a chore... which is a shame, if the game is good.

Anyway, I spend much more time reading about games on the web that actually playing. All I own is a Wii, I've played all the games I was interested in, and Wii U and 3DS are both too expensive for me. 3DS is becoming very tempting these days (already finished Mario3DLand and Mario Kart 7, but NSMB2, Paper Mario, Luigi's Mansion 2 are on my list - Zelda will push me over the edge). WiiU is a long shot from being a must have, I won't consider buying on before holidays.
User avatar
26 Mar 2013 17:19

rawmeat cowboy wrote:my genetic makeup!

rmc was born with perma-cosmetics. fact confirmed.
User avatar
26 Mar 2013 17:40

My playing sessions were sort of anemic before MH and I mostly played on pc. Now I can easily go all day with 3-4 friends as if a new smash bros was out. When I'm on my own I normally play for an hour or two at a time to farm items for the next get together.

It was all theory before, but I can finally see why japanese people could care less if a MH has online or not.
User avatar
27 Mar 2013 01:26

"Lube cam"

Used to, I had no limit. But that was when my body was still young, lol. I'm 22 and already 'adult problems' are starting to set in. I can't sit in one place for too long sometimes, otherwise it affects my health.

Also, games aren't the way they used to be. Now they're mostly (talking about a possible majority here) HD. The graphics, and mainly the TV, are very sharp. When I first got an Xbox 360 and got my first real taste of HD gaming (don't have HD tv channels, still SD), it shredded my eyes. After a short while it was like my eyes were trying to sweat. It wasn't like motion sickness, but I'd have to stop for a while.

I've kind of gotten used to it, but my point is back in the day with the SNES, N64, hell even GameCube, it didn't bother me like that. Never got headaches or eyestrain with GameBoys either (my worst enemy was batteries lol) and once we got a thorough lighted screen, especially the DS/Lite, I had no problems going on for hours.
Most of the games I used to play were 2D too. 3D world games tend to wear me out a bit more, but it depends on the game and camera entirely. There's a few games out there that make me motion sick to the point I can't play them. the worst was Shadow the Hedgehog, I barely finished the first level, had to quit and lay down. I wasn't back to normal until maybe 2 hours later? It's very rare for this to happen to me. The first was Banjo-Kazooie I think, but it's funny cause I bought and played it a couple years ago and it didn't bother me anymore for some reason.
But the latest one is Jet Set Radio, sadly. I got the demo on PS3 and was going to buy it, but I couldn't finish the introductory level. It messed me up something fierce. :(

I also did not have the responsibilities back then that I do now. It actually kills me to game sometimes because I feel like I should be doing something else more important, and I should be, especially right now with trying to study to get my GED (homeschooled, and bad things happened the past few years so I couldn't really prepare til now). But... I must collect materials and forge armor!! lol

So my average session is about 2-4 hours now, or about an hour here and there. My last "I have to play this and forever" game was Tales of Symphonia, which I got my hands on around June of last year. Since then I picked up a bunch of other Tales titles but I'm afraid to start them because I know I'll be the same way with them. I like to immerse myself with my RPGs, so it's hard for me to play them casually.

I can still go 8-12 hours or more on any given night depending on the circumstances, what I have to do and what's on TV.
Right now I got Monster Hunter for Wii U and it's the next "I gotta play this now and forever" game for me. Can't stop thinking about it, and I want to play it right now, lol.

But because of those responsibilities, I also haven't been buying games as much simply because I know I don't have time to play them anymore, and could use the money on something else.
Which is a shame, because I haven't gotten to play a lot of new, great titles over the past year or longer. I really want the new Luigi's Mansion but due to money issues I may not get it until much later. (Even if I have the money, I may get the MH3U 3DS game instead so I can take my save with me and collect stuff on the go)

The majority of my gaming is also handheld, or at least I try to get it to be, that way I can play it anywhere and away from home. The 3DS battery life is still an enormous issue for me though.
And some titles aren't portable (Like NSMBU).

Otherwise, I stick to shorter games like indie titles (thank Emily Rogers) so I can play them, finish them, enjoy the experience and then get back to work.

Although all these tales are impressive, be sure to heed the Health & Safety warnings. I know the majority of the time we don't, but if we play for long hours remember to take a break and walk around a bit.

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