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GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Are you indie interested?

This week feels like it's dragging on a bit. Maybe that's because it's been busier than usual! I feel like I need a nap inbetween rounds! I guess going to bed so late doesn't help either. I better hop in and get my rest now! See you in a few, short hours.

Nintendo may not be showing off any big-name games at GDC this year, but that doesn't mean there's nothing to talk about. It's quite the opposite, actually! Nintendo is making sure their GDC content is sharply focused on the developers out there, as they're trying to make a big indie splash on Wii U.

We've already seen some great indie content on Wii U eShop. There's more to come as well, but Nintendo's GDC announcements point to what could hopefully be a flood of indie content from all over the world. Nintendo is opening up more than ever to indie developers, lowering the bar for content entry just about as low as it can go.

What does a dev need to do to create a game for the Wii U eShop? Just cough up the cost of the Wii U dev kit itself. That's the biggest hurdle there is after Nintendo talked about their indie push today. Devs have all sorts of options open for development now. Unity support, HTML, Javascript and even a plan to easily bring iOS content over to the Wii U.

Hell, Nintendo's software even allows for a one-button submission to the Big N themselves! You don't even have to get your game ideas approved first. You just dream up what you want, put together something with the Wii U's SDK and send it off to Nintendo for their eyes to look over. Seriously, the Wii U is quickly becoming the most indie-friendly platform out there!

The question is, are you actually excited about it? Do you want to see tons of indie content hit the Wii U eShop? Are you worried about lots of low-quality content coming over? Leave a comment and let us know.

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User avatar
28 Mar 2013 09:39

Anything that increases choice is good. The market will sort out what is good and what is not. For decades, developers of all sorts have complained that Nintendo had too high of barriers to entry. For it to make those barriers almost non-existent is a "real sea" change.

I currently have six DL titles for the WiiU. These range from the "FTP" Zen Pinball 2 (it costs $3 for a table, it is not free) to $10 games like BTR2 and Little Inferno. Some games I bought because of a demo (BTR2), others I have delayed waiting for the next sale or decided not to buy because of poor reviews.

Together, my investment is less than a AAA game -- and I will have more fun than with almost all AAA games. So it is good for all if you are diligent.

The WiiU will have two pillars -- First-party and Indie games. That is a unique mix.
User avatar
28 Mar 2013 09:41

I've seen some pretty fantastic games that are coming to the eshop so I'm excite. So far it seems much better than wiiware and even the 3ds eshop
User avatar
28 Mar 2013 09:47

Yeah, I mean, not all indie games are good, but there is where the new ideas comes, they are the next big developers, and they are around my age, which is awsome
No Avatar
28 Mar 2013 09:49

Good for them. I do not see it changing much for us as consumers, though. Hopefully the painless process will make it easier for the Wii U to get the good indies going forward.
User avatar
28 Mar 2013 10:22

There's more eShop games that I want now then actual Wii U games, but that's fine since said eShop games will probably be shorter.

Shovel Knight, A Hat in Time, Two Brothers, Ducktales, Wind Waker HD, Super Smash Brothers 4, Legend of Zelda Wii U, Monolith Soft's RPG etc.

I don't care who makes them, indie or publisher: garbage is garbage & quality is quality.
User avatar
28 Mar 2013 10:28

It could bring plenty of crap from developers of cell phone games looking for a quick buck, but hey, it could also bring The World Ends With You HD to Wii-U. So there's that. I'd love to see Dead Space Mobile, TWEWY-HD-, Sonic Dash, Infinity Blade, Out of This World Anniversary Edition, and very few others brought over to Wii-U. That'd be pretty nice.

BlueRangerVegeta wrote:

Steam? Seriously? You've missed the point entirely. Nintendo has announced a stupidly easy way to get to your games running, and available on Wii-U. Steam doesn't have this. I love Steam as much as the next guy, but being able to buy games a year old for a dollar isn't what Nintendo is shooting for. On top of that, I remember when people complained that Nintendo didn't have sales. Now that they do, people complain at them not being frequent enough, or not being twenty games at once, or not being low enough. A complainers job is never done, it would seem.
User avatar
28 Mar 2013 10:48

What does a steam sale on old games have to do with anything? That's not even what this is about, and even if it was, Nintendo (aside from content they produce) doesn't set the prices for stuff on the eShop. The devs do. You are always just looking for a reason to knock Nintendo even if it makes absolutely no sense.

On topic: This is great. I love the indie content already available on the eShop and I'm looking forward to even more. Good on Nintendo for making this push and making their consoles so indie friendly.
User avatar
28 Mar 2013 11:31

BlueRangerVegeta wrote:Considering we also have Indie bundles so cheap and how most of these games can be run on the cheapest PoS you can buy at Wal-Mart, I just don't get why anyone would buy an indie title on WiiU.

Convenience, dude. Having all your games on one system. And having a nice, big television set to play them on. Or even the GamePad itself, if you are so inclined.

Why are these things so hard for you to understand? Just because you don't seem to care for half of that stuff doesn't mean others don't.

I'm very excited for a number of indie titles coming to the Wii U already, and to see Nintendo embracing that side of development so strongly is great.
User avatar
28 Mar 2013 11:36

I'm only interested in this if spurs more "specifically developed for wii u" content.
I agree greenlight has issues, and N's submission process seems easier, but even indie devs. are looking for audience, which makes steam very attractive.
I have no interest in quick game ports from steam so the indie dev can make a few more bucks. If that happens, gamepad-centric design will tend to feel tacked on.
If, on the other hand, this spurs indies who are specifically geeked about the new gamepad and it's possibilities, then this is good news. Either way, MOAR games = MOAR possibility. What I wouldn't want to see is wii u eshop quickly become a android store where there are a few good games wallowing in a soup of bad ones.
I have a feeling N will be able to monitor and weed them out, somewhat though, to prevent this.
User avatar
28 Mar 2013 11:45

Yes, this was a very good move from Nintendo. I'm excited to see what people come up with and at the same time, I'm excited to see what games they bring over from IOS (There are some good ones out there).

Also, you need to start sleeping more RMC! A few short hours isn't really enough. You need roughly 8 hours every night!
User avatar
28 Mar 2013 11:53

It's good to garner any sort of support. But with how easy it is to submit, I don't think Nintendo will be able to properly assess all that content. We will see some fantastic stuff, but there will be so much more s*** now as well. Personally I don't care about digital games, so I suppose I shouldn't mind.
User avatar
28 Mar 2013 11:55

I'm not really interested in the indie gaming scene. I've never played anything that even came close to the fun that can be had with bigger titles from full studios.

To be honest I probably wouldn't even play many idie games for free let alone pay to download them. I always feel like I have to force myself to like indie games / pretend I'm having fun.
No Avatar
28 Mar 2013 12:17

TheBitBlock wrote:I'm not really interested in the indie gaming scene. I've never played anything that even came close to the fun that can be had with bigger titles from full studios.

To be honest I probably wouldn't even play many idie games for free let alone pay to download them. I always feel like I have to force myself to like indie games / pretend I'm having fun.

What about NES and SNES games? They were pretty small in comparison to games today. If you didn't have problem with those then you shouldn't have a problem with the indie scene. Good art and fun, innovative gameplay. There was dev who said making indie games felt like they were making old school games again. And what about Nintendo's own games like Pikmin 3? Luigi's Mansion or Animal Crossing or? Hell, pretty much most of the Nintendo games made during the Wii. Nintendo Land even and New Super Mario Bros games or Donkey Kong Country Returns.

People who only play AAA budget games are like people who only Michael Bay movies and large budgeted popcorn junk.

I just hope we get more games like the Walking Dead, and Unfinished Swan or Journey or Limbo.
User avatar
28 Mar 2013 12:17


I don't know, man. Bastion, Cave Story and Fez are pretty damn great. I didn't have to "pretend" to have fun with them. I liked them a whole lot more than the NSMB games, I'll tell you that...
User avatar
28 Mar 2013 12:32

Love the indie game scene since that's where the innovation and chance taking is happening.

You also never know if the next Miyamoto is out there that just needs the opportunity so I'm glad Nintendo is making the process as easy possible since I'm sure there are talented people that just don't have a lot of money to be able to make a game so the cheaper and easier the process the better.
User avatar
28 Mar 2013 13:04

This is both good and bad.

I mean, look at Xbox's Indie Games section. There are a few gems in there, but 98% of the stuff in there is crap.
User avatar
28 Mar 2013 13:11

I became a fan of the indie scene ever since Aquaria came out on Steam back in 2007. That game was supposed to come out on WiiWare a long time ago, but never made it. Soon after, I started discovering more great titles like And Yet It Moves, and then came the BIT.TRIP series..

I'm happy that Nintendo is now more open arms for indie games, and hopefully it'll attract more indie developers to porting their games to the system. But I'm also wary for the quality of the titles as well. Look to The Cave for example. I have not played it yet, but the reviews for it aren't too favorable, mostly because it doesn't really take full advantage of the Wii U GamePad. So that's what I hope developers would take note of when creating unique games for the platform.
User avatar
28 Mar 2013 13:14

Sounds great to me. The less barriers the less excuses a developer can have for not bringing the game to Wii U.
User avatar
28 Mar 2013 13:36

Honestly, I'm indifferent to indie games. I played a few (mostly demos) but I can't get back to them after playing it once or twice. I just haven't found a game that I'm interested in yet.

It's good that Nintendo is making efforts to get more games from small time developers. Some of their games could help fill the void for lackluster support and droughts.
User avatar
28 Mar 2013 13:51

Nintendo games aside, I'm growing interested more interested in Digital / Indie titles over all the hyped 'AAA' same-old cinematic experiences that are all the range nowadays, yes.
User avatar
28 Mar 2013 14:25

this is GREAT news. indie games can be more experimental and original without the risk of dissapointing established audience expectations. as we're not required to buy anything, this can only be good news. this could be just what the next game genius needs to get their ideas out into real-time. kudos Nintendo.
No Avatar
28 Mar 2013 14:39

not really to be honest . For a few moments , i was completely delirious at the idea of Cave shoot them up coming up on wii u and ikaruga while i was at it . Now obviously converting could not be that easy and Cave still has that crazy idea about their market . I still don't get it .
As for the actual indies games , truth be told , i think most of the valuable one say like unmechanical , rochard , qube or vessel were , are or will be available for one to four dollars on pc . Luckily for now , they all run great on my pc and with my classic controller usb adapter and hdmi cable , well it's pretty much the same thing .
However concerning what most people call indie game , it's a bit trickier . It's only about a few very well known games which unlike the previous category met a great deal of success . Logically most of those like braid , limbo , nightsky , trine2 will also see those crazy prices on pc . So it's hard to really want a wii u release unless they make great use of the controllers (like trine2) or they come at a five dollars price (little inferno for a few days) .

Still the thing remains, when people talk about indies they are mostly talking about a very few games with tremendous success on ... XBLA . So basically minecraft and trials , also portal s for some reason. Yet those are made by established companies and are protected by real smart exclusive deal .
If nintendo could get those two , nobody could say anything . Yet ubisoft willingly damaged the trials brand on pc with a very sub par release , proof that the xbla deal is way more interesting for them.

It's the same for sony , there's a big uproar about the lack of psn transfer but if sony was offering on ps4 let's say three games for free out of trials evolution , minecraft , castle crasher , trine2 and portal 2 to existing psn user . No one would say anything .

Basically indies are exactly like regular games , the few very well known titles are what is all about . So no i don't think any retro style 8bit platformer rpg will make an impact . I hated megaman rom hack edition , i loved contra rebirth 16 bit super enhanced hardcore experience . So i still think that any indie games with impressive visual will find success , just like trine2 did .
As for the angry bird, cut the rope , airflight, hexagon , and so on , unless it's free or one bucks , not interested.

xna only allowed ten great games to exist and most of those move on to truly invest in their own designs onto pc games or xbla games , it's going to be the same thing for wii u .

I still think that the wii u is the only platform with easy access to three four five players , so they should develop games with that option in mind , again like trine2 . Not fully multiplayer because it won't work (except for the odd racing game) . Obviously , they could also truly use motion control but even wiiware non nintendo showed nothing except the quite interesting platformer with pointer assist genre (lost winds, nyxquest ..) . Tilt would be quite easy and with the lack of kororinpa or nintendo's own wii motion play game , that could be an opportunity . But monkey ball proved that most players were more interested in sequence breaking than precision tilting so ...
User avatar
28 Mar 2013 20:06

TheBitBlock wrote:I'm not really interested in the indie gaming scene. I've never played anything that even came close to the fun that can be had with bigger titles from full studios.

To be honest I probably wouldn't even play many idie games for free let alone pay to download them. I always feel like I have to force myself to like indie games / pretend I'm having fun.

So you dislike a video game because of where it came from and not based on the merits and quality of the game itself?
User avatar
29 Mar 2013 03:09

I'm digging this big time actually. It seems to me that while both Sony and Microsoft are positioning themselves to cater more to the big name western studios by focusing more on high end specs for the high end engines, Nintendo is positioning themselves in a position that is going more the route of Steam, the Ouya, and mobile platforms by giving devs the freedom to develop with less restrictions and costs.

This could turn out to be a major advantage for Nintendo for a few reasons.

First, as a gamer, I've felt the best games we've gotten this generation have been the smaller downloadable games. Many of the larger, bigger budget games have been playing it safe with constant rehashes and reskins of the same game ideas with very few games marching to their own beat which hasn't set well with me as a gamer.

Second, and a little addition to my previous point, because the big studios have gone stagnant for the most part, not just I but obviously many others were annoyed enough to the point of not getting as many large games. Because of this a lot of the major publishers have been struggling and by focusing your strategy around their wants, that will affect your business. Indie games however have been doing phenomenal to the point that Steam, iOS, Android, and all other indie friendly platforms have risen to be the major money makers. Nintendo opening up to the developers like this will only bring more money in their pockets.

Third, and finally, in the past 2 years, we've seen the industry change to a point that nobody would of ever expected. Steam sales taking off to the point where many long time console gamers switched to PC entirely, humblebundle and other like minded indie bundles selling extremely well and making better returns then many retail games, fan movements such as operation rainfall and the disorganized feedback for Mass Effect 3 making companies completely change their strategies, and crowd sourced funding taking off like a rocket for gaming to the point that hardware that would of never worked or happened suddenly had the backing and fanbase they needed to get the ball rolling. While I can't say I like everything that happened, the fact is, the industry has changed a great deal, and despite peoples opinions of Nintendo, Nintendo is definitely making the changes to accommodate the times and are giving full support to a booming indie development community and crowd sourced projects. This ultimately is going to set Nintendo up for success in the long run.
User avatar
29 Mar 2013 05:33

I'm not huge on indie games and I haven't seen anything that's blown me away... but I interested in the potential this has. Definitely.

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