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Ubisoft publishing Cloudberry Kingdom in Summer 2013

Cloudberry Kingdom

Unhappily ever after? That’s how it starts. The Orb resurfaces and the classic characters return. Kobbler with his mania, Princess with her endless boredom. It’s only a matter of time before Bob, our hero, shows up to put order back to madness. Three powers struggle for victory and the fate of Cloudberry Kingdom hangs in the balance. What will become of the retired hero, Bob? Will saving Princess one last time win her love? Could true love stop Kobbler and the power of the Orb? No, probably not. But hey, it’s worth a shot.

Welcome to Cloudberry Kingdom, the first ever platformer with fully randomly generated levels. Every level is brand new and never seen before. The difficulty level can match any need, from the casual to the hardcore.

Developed by crowd-funded Pwnee Studios, Corp, Cloudberry Kingdom will be published and distributed by Ubisoft Entertainment, Summer 2013.

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No Avatar
11 Apr 2013 13:26

This explains the delay. Need to let Microsoft have same day release as everyone else.
No Avatar
11 Apr 2013 23:25

Ha! I remember telling RMC about this at the Wii U launch when Nintendo had put on their website that Ubisoft was publishing this. We thought it was a mess-up on their page, and RMC deleted that news story... Wow, what a turn of events!

User avatar
11 Apr 2013 23:29

im REALLY getting sick of this stupid microsoft/multi-platform release rule..

oh. and i HAVE 360..
User avatar
12 Apr 2013 00:01

Decide to release on a Nintendo platform too late? That sucks, they get it months after everyone else. Decide to release on a Microsoft platform too late? Oh, Microsoft must get their way DELAY ALL VERSIONS!

This is what's wrong with the industry today. If Nintendo pulled this crap, there would be no Wii U version but they bend over backwards to accommodate Microsoft at the expense of the consumer. Grow some balls, Ubisoft.
User avatar
12 Apr 2013 05:14

Glad this will not be a B level game

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