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Pokemon Rumble U - more details, another scan, 3DS connection teased

- features passwords for obtaining Pokémon
- password 51830476 gives you a Garchomp
- special abilities, including ones that can be set yourself
- use coins to set names of various Pokémon toys
- Shiny Pokémon make a return
- Garchomp is being distributed as one
- something teased in connection with Pokémon Tretta and the 3DS


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13 Apr 2013 11:17

So...is it possible to not buy any of the pokemon figures and jut input passwords you find online?
User avatar
13 Apr 2013 11:21

The figures are just an optional bonus. The figure Pokémon are ones you can actually raise, and save to the figure to take to play with on a friend's console.

All 649 Pokémon are obtainable in-game
User avatar
13 Apr 2013 12:10


This is actually old news. It's exactly like the last two games. You don't need the toys or the passwords. You can collect *all* of the Pokemon just by playing the game.

Passwords are solely getting strong or special Pokemon early (usually have abilities, high stats and sometimes are shiny).

Figures are for customizable Pokemon that you can level up and save the stats of. It also allows you to use your Pokemon at a friend's house.
User avatar
13 Apr 2013 13:13

Hm, been a while since I heard anything about Pokémon Tretta.
User avatar
13 Apr 2013 13:45

Zanreo wrote:Hm, been a while since I heard anything about Pokémon Tretta.

It's currently on its 5th set in Japan. It's doing pretty well

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