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14 Apr 2013 13:37

Looks less entertaining than swatting a fly >_>
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14 Apr 2013 13:50

The model isn't even well animated to compensate the fact that it is the exact same game.
No Avatar
14 Apr 2013 15:54

Oh boy, this is what Nintendo gets for not making the 3DS's main screen touch-capable. You have to do everything on the little bottom screen, with the larger top one used solely for useless Om-Nom reaction shots.:lol:
User avatar
14 Apr 2013 16:02

Will get it if it's 1.99, but judging by the DSiWare version I doubt it will be. The same games need to be a bit more comparable in prices to the app store versions.

Top screen seems pointless, but that is no big deal.
User avatar
14 Apr 2013 20:37

I have already played the crap out of the game on iOS, but if the price is right, I will be downloading the game as soon as it's released. I have always preferred stylus input to touch input for games that require that much precision. Even at 4.99, it would be a steal.

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