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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes - teaser, preorder bonuses at various retailers

Prepare to Hero Up this fall, when LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes™ puts players in control of their favorite Super Heroes from the Marvel Universe. With more than 100 memorable characters to choose from, each with their own unique powers and abilities, players are in for a brick-smashing adventure. In a new video released today, you'll get a sneak peek at a few members of the Amazing, Mighty and Uncanny (hint) team who join forces to stop an array of Marvel villains.

In addition, those who pre-order LEGO Marvel Super Heroes now through select retailers can receive one of the following game-related goodies:

· Pre-order the console version through Walmart and receive an ultra exclusive Iron Patriot mini-fig when the game releases.

· Receive a fun Spidey keychain when you pre-order any version through GameStop (available when the game releases). Power Up Rewards members who pre-order through the retailer also receive the DLC pack for free (PS3 and X360 only). Visit GameStop or GameStop.com for details.

· Those who pre-order through Amazon will get a $10 games credit automatically applied to their Amazon account.

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No Avatar
30 Apr 2013 12:01

Ugh, another GameStop DLC pack that leaves the Wii U out in the cold.
User avatar
30 Apr 2013 12:18

As cool as that Spider-Man and Iron Patriot bonuses are (and I am a huge fan of physical pre order bonuses, miss that stuff!) I might end up going with amazon on this one just for that credit.
User avatar
30 Apr 2013 14:40

This game looks promising. They'll have to work on Iron Man's voice (and humor), though.

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