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16 May 2013 09:11

...A question, I bought SMW at launch...can I still get the 50% off deal with SMB2?
User avatar
16 May 2013 09:40

@LegendofSantiago According to the source, if you already own the game you qualify for the promotion(as long as it's the Wii U version and not the Wii...if it's the Wii version you need to transfer it to Wii U and pay the $1.50 for doing so). Select Virtual Console Featured Offer tile and the 50% will be automatically applied.
User avatar
16 May 2013 09:50

So does that mean I can grab SMB2 for $0.50 instead of $1.00? :wink:
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16 May 2013 10:11

I'll definitely be getting The Starship Damrey and Mega Man on 3DS. I have some credit on the Wii U eShop as well, so I may jump on that Super Mario discount. Also, if it's at a reasonable price, I'd like to get LEGO Batman 2. The first one was fun.

The Wii U needs some folders.
User avatar
16 May 2013 11:35

Happy day, Harvest Moon GBC finally~ I've only been waiting for it since it was announced for the 3DS eShop last June. x_x That Mario deal looks pretty sweet, too. Good week for the eShops.
No Avatar
16 May 2013 12:11

Jeez this is a good week for both eshops. Especially the 3DS one
User avatar
16 May 2013 12:40

Don't think I"ll get it this week but I definitely want to look into Starship Damray!

Might as well get SMB2. . .again, it's so cheap >_>.

I already own it so it'll only be $1 for me, too bad it's not $0.50 since I bought SMW :P.
User avatar
16 May 2013 13:10

Nice, Runner 2 is on sale, so is SMB2. I think I'll snag them.

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