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Famitsu news - Touch Detective 3, Ex-Tetra heading to 3DS, reviews

Touch Detective 3

- this is the title teased last week from Success
- due out 2013


- developed by FuRyu
- full-scale fantasy RPG
- takes place in Amasia
- Tokyo has been fused with other portions of the world
- Tony Taka and Enami Katsumi are working on character designs
- Yoko Shimomura is handling music.
- Claris is in charge of the theme song
- due out Oct. 17th


Rabbids Land – 7/7/6/7

link, link

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28 May 2013 23:48

Touch Detective 3! Oh Nicky Hill is going to be excited. Ex-Tetra hmm, I don't know much about this studio's pedigree, but it's an RPG so I'll give it a chance.
User avatar
29 May 2013 03:07

Ex-Tetra sounds interesting. Come on Iwata, let's see some of those Japanese games come over...

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