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Believe it or not, my Mom actually stopped by for today's podcast! Since she's around, we decided to play a little bit more of the Meta Game, as well as take a look at her top 10 most-played titles on her 3DS. I bet you can't name all 10! On top of that, we have our regular show of news, questions and music. Hopefully you'll enjoy it!

Download the show here (thanks MoldyClay!)

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01 Jun 2013 23:25

Really wish I could watch these live.
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02 Jun 2013 02:56

Too bad your mom hates us in the chat. :(

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02 Jun 2013 04:38

nice work moldy clay!

I love your Eggman face, made me laugh out loud.
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02 Jun 2013 14:14

I'm getting Classic Sonic vibes from the image, Amy makes me think of a human version of herself and Knuckles makes me think of a red mutt (pun intented). I like it.
Nice one, Moldy.

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