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GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Thanks for your E3 support!

Thursday is here already? This E3 news really keeps things moving fast! I'm more tired than usual, but the new details that come out every day make the lack of sleep worth it! It also means I have to get every hour I can! See you in a few, short hours.

This E3 was a big change for me. I wasn't actually attending the show this year due to Nintendo's lack of traditional press conference. That, factored in with the lack of multiple roundtables and cost of trip pushed me into covering the show from home. It was the first time in the 8 years of GoNintendo that I haven't attended.

I certainly did miss attending, but working from home made it much easier to keep up with the flow of news. There was certainly no shortage of info to cover, with details from the event still pouring out. It was hectic in a completely different way, but I did the best I could do and sure felt the certain type of E3 stress, even though I wasn't anywhere near California!

None of that matters, though. That's just my bit of backstory to lead into my purpose of this End of Day thought. I wanted to thank you guys and gals for supporting the site during E3 time. The week of the show saw a massive boost in traffic. We always have good numbers, but I'm so happy to see that even more of you came by for the E3 madness. Knowing that you feel like GoNintendo is a good place to visit for E3 news really makes me smile.

Even better, more of you are sticking around after E3! I'd like to thank you all for that continued support. From fans that have been here since day one to newcomers that just joined us, I want you to know that I appreciate the time you spend here. You could go anywhere on the net you want, but some of that time you swing by this old joint. It's humbling to say the least.

I can't believe I've been doing this for as long as I have, but it's all because of the great group of people that visit GN. I've made great friends, and hope to make many more. You're a great group of people. Every corner of the net has some bad apples, but the wonderful lot of you far outnumber any riff-raff that shows up. Thanks for being you and being awesome.

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20 Jun 2013 03:56

Hopefully nobody jacked your ads this year. Anything would be better than that year, right?
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20 Jun 2013 04:29

Ahaha! Continue to make it a pleasure to come here, and we will continue to come! This is the best place on the internet, and it make me moan the lack of a similar place for Sony/Microsoft/PC gaming, as I stopped going to other sites because now my standards are too high (because of you!) and now I miss a lot of news about them (that is not good for a Game Programmer... that may be developing for these platforms in the near future)
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20 Jun 2013 10:12

Thanks (as always) for the great coverage, RMC.
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20 Jun 2013 10:26

Thanks for having this incredible site. I found out about gonintendo in early 2011 and have been coming here since because of the constant updates and great user community. Keep up the good work RMC and the rest of the GN crew! :)
User avatar
20 Jun 2013 10:56

I think I've been coming here for around 7 years, but you don't really have to thank me. It's not really my choice anymore. Whenever I go to type something into the url bar, I just automatically crank out gonintendo even when I don't mean to :D
User avatar
20 Jun 2013 11:36

booty42 wrote:I think I've been coming here for around 7 years, but you don't really have to thank me. It's not really my choice anymore. Whenever I go to type something into the url bar, I just automatically crank out gonintendo even when I don't mean to :D

That's actually kind of annoying. I swear I visit Google more than this site, but anytime I type "g" or "go" Gonintendo pops up :oops:

Maybe I have a problem?
User avatar
20 Jun 2013 13:27

I loved the coverage. I could barely keep up reading/watching it all. It was great!

However, I wished you got to play all those games and give your opinion of them. I missed not getting to hear about your E3 experiences on the podcast.
User avatar
20 Jun 2013 13:54

You know RMC, I was actually looking for you this year, just to say hi. I started to think you weren't there because I spent a lot of time in the Nintendo booth and never spotted you. But if it weren't for that, I would have never known. The coverage here has been REALLY good.

Maybe it's because this site doesn't cover Sony/MS, but there has been a lot less drama here than on other sites, and that's refreshing. Mostly just news, impressions, and interviews, which is what I always look forward to.
User avatar
20 Jun 2013 14:20

You're great people, RMC!
User avatar
20 Jun 2013 19:24

Keep up the great work RawMeat! :D
User avatar
21 Jun 2013 04:03

Why you thanking us? Thank YOU!

Great work as always. Wish you could have gone (I'm sure there'd be lots you could cover) but your coverage is always appreciated.
User avatar
25 Jun 2013 06:52


Same. I was looking for him as well on the showfloor and no dice! A shame. I was looking forward to it too!

Thanks for the coverage, RawMeatCowboy! Hopefully Nintendo makes a conference next year so we can kick it!

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