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User avatar
26 Jun 2013 22:19

Love them. I bet the commercials for US will be crappy though. :/
No Avatar
26 Jun 2013 22:20

LegendofSantiago wrote:


What is going on in that New Super Luigi U commercial? That seemed surprisingly dark for a Mario game...well, a Luigi game
User avatar
26 Jun 2013 22:26

That woman in the first Pikmin 3 commercial was super cute. :3

...The beginning of that Super Luigi U commercial was...strange... 0_0
User avatar
26 Jun 2013 22:35

LegendofSantiago wrote:


Nintendo next in line for being accused of making a rape joke! :roll:

Pretty cool commercial.
No Avatar
26 Jun 2013 22:45

LegendofSantiago wrote:


User avatar
26 Jun 2013 23:06

Only one month (and a few extra days for you North Americans) to go! This game feels like the perfect one for us who wants to go back in time and play out in the garden with small toys again, like when we were kids. Also, I think they nailed that feeling with this Pikmin 3 commercial. The graphics really help making this feel real.

And the japanese woman shouting "stoppu" and the red pikmin dropping the fruit in shock was so kawaii...
No Avatar
27 Jun 2013 03:03

In that Super Luigi U commercial, I'm surprised they had Peach speak Japanese (voice acting wise at least), although it was just two words. Sounds like it's still Sam Kelly voicing her. Anyways, in each of the games up to this point, everyone in the Mario universe spoke English aloud no matter the region it's released.

The more you know!
User avatar
27 Jun 2013 03:09

Pikmin 3 commercial.


And the Pikmin was cute too.
User avatar
27 Jun 2013 17:44

The Pikmin 3 commercial was KAWAIIIII DESU~ :3

I didn't get the beginning of Luigi one. Is there some sort of "inside joke" about Luigi in Japan?
User avatar
28 Jun 2013 03:21

@LegendofSantiago Peach settling for second best rather than be alone.

Makes sense.

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