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27 Jun 2013 19:21

Hm, interesting. Finally another game actually using the GamePad for something other than a map/off-TV play =).
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27 Jun 2013 19:37

This looks really fun.
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27 Jun 2013 19:57

Looks pretty ok,but man if this isnt a perfect way to destroy your Upad ! nintendo is about to bank!
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27 Jun 2013 20:06

looks excellent, can't wait
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27 Jun 2013 21:25

That looks absolutely marvelous.
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27 Jun 2013 23:23

I really like this stuff. It's definitely what I'm most interested in in this game. The baseball looks great (with the exception of the pointless transitions whenever a point is scored).

The Tabletop Gauntlet I think would be a little bit more interesting if the instructions weren't staggered, but it still looks okay.

Some of the mini-games in the first clip were a bit lacking, unfortunately. The sumo one seemed neat but confused. The co-op log chopping one seemed a bit dull. The quick-tapping fly game looked like it worked well, though.

Hopefully there are more games in the final package akin to Foosball and Baseball. I could easily see myself playing those often with my friends. Really looking to seeing more about the full package!!
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28 Jun 2013 01:51

So, Am I the only one that thought those games were very lame? I don't know, they seemed like forced on the gamepad, and had very ugly visuals. (apart from seeming kinda boring)
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28 Jun 2013 02:46

Was watching the Gauntlet one and instantly thought of this...


All the gimmicks from the 3 zones are on this.
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28 Jun 2013 04:16

Screwball scramble was awesome! I've still got my old KongMan game somewhere which was similar but vertical

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28 Jun 2013 17:54

I used to have one of those table baseball games. This looks cool.
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30 Jun 2013 00:02

Not impressed, personally. They're basically just using the Gamepad to mimic a tablet, but with several distinct disadvantages.

1. No real portability. You can't even necessarily go to all the rooms in your house and play, much less out and about.

2. No capacitive touchscreen. Simple touches may work fine, but things like accurate sliding and complex gestures can be pretty iffy.

3. No multitouch. You can't even have both people interacting with the screen at the same time, so all screen interactions have to be played in turns.

4. Low resolution. The Gamepad's screen is lower resolution than pretty much any tablet on the market.

5. Battery life. Unless you shell out more for a better battery, the Gamepad will get worse battery life than a tablet.

6. The screen is pretty small for multiplayer, smaller than any real tablet out there.

7. These little minigames will require the purchase of a boxed game that costs at least $40, rather than cheap little apps.

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