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Sonic Lost World dated for Europe, coming on October 18

This information comes from the European version of the latest trailer...

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17 Jul 2013 19:24

What seems to be the best Sonic game ever along with my favorite Zelda game and X&Y. October is gonna be sweet!!!
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17 Jul 2013 19:41

October is looking epic! Pokemon X & Y, Skylanders Swap Force, Batman Arkham Origins, Assassin's Creed 4, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD AND Wii Party U....yup, my wallet is already crying.
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17 Jul 2013 20:02

4 days before my birthday. Hell. Yes. :D

@hydeks Yep, Pokemon XY, LEGO Marvel Superheroes, WW HD and Wii Party U for me in October too. Crazy!
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17 Jul 2013 20:11

@hydeks I know, I'm heard that LEGO Marvel and Sonic are coming out on the same day, (according to Gamestop's website), and I still have Wind Waker HD, X and Y, and maybe Wii Party U later in the month. I don't even think I have enough for both Pikmin and M&L4 right now, so this is gonna be tough.
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17 Jul 2013 21:33

Luckily I made my sacrificial choices already. I'm only getting Pokemon X & Sonic that month.

Batman's going to wait until Christmas, like Asylum & City did. LEGO Marvel I'll get at $20 (like the other LEGO games) and TWWHD has a low priority since it's not a new game and they aren't adding anything significant.

The rest I either don't want (Swapforce) or have low priorities and will get when they're lower in price since I have too many games new AND OLD to get from this year (Fire Emblem, Bioshock, etc).
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17 Jul 2013 22:53

Wind Waker and Sonic alone make October a great month for Wii U. Batman, Wii Party U, and ACIV are just icing on the cake. The fall/holiday season will be the downpour that Wii U has needed for months. Hopefully it pays off.
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18 Jul 2013 03:16

Snow level @ 0.15 snow levels are my fav
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18 Jul 2013 05:44

jump_button wrote:Snow level @ 0.15 snow levels are my fav

One of my fave platforming level trope's [which have, sadly, come and gone in main Sonic games since it went 3D].

I just hope this ice world differentiates itself from Ice Cap and Cool Edge enough to feel it's own world as you will.

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