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23 Jul 2013 15:48

This looks more interesting then the last issue... I dunno if I even read the whole video game's at the movies issue
User avatar
23 Jul 2013 15:55

No big distracting logo? No headlines scattered across the artwork? What kind of magazine cover IS this? Seriously though, this is a great cover, even though it is previously revealed art.
No Avatar
23 Jul 2013 16:15

I'd be all over this magazine if I could opt not to use PayPal.
No Avatar
23 Jul 2013 20:53

god damn that is one beautiful piece of art

I think I am going to buy this since I don't want to buy the subscription due to the large amount of money it cost but I will buy this one just because I am a huge Mario and Luigi RPG fan, I love the whole series!
User avatar
24 Jul 2013 03:27

Looks pretty. I get both.

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