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TIME - 10 Reasons I'd Pick the Wii U over the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Today

The tide in the mainstream press continues to turn. We've been seeing this phenomenon the last week or so, now with TIME jumping on the bandwagon. Hit up the link below to see the 10 reasons why TIME thinks right now is a great time to pick up Wii U.

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User avatar
04 Dec 2013 16:13

I definitely feel we've turned a corner now that all the cards are on the table and consumers have three systems to choose from. The Wii U is emerging as a well priced fun-machine with a slew of exclusive games.
User avatar
04 Dec 2013 16:27

Nintendo should take all the pos press it can, but I think the arguments and especially the titles could have been a little clearer. For instance,
#3 title is misleading - "portable" makes it sound like you can take the gamepad anywhere. He addresses this in the write-up but still...
#8 title is misleading - it makes it sound like the others don't have online stores at all.
#10 Arguably xbox1 does a lot of "more than game system" stuff too.
User avatar
04 Dec 2013 16:36

Nintendo has the eShop. Sony and Microsoft have nada.

That title is horribly misleading and should be edited ASAP. The artcle has a lot of good points, the following reasoning underneath that horribly worded title were great in example but people will dismiss it based on that line alone.
User avatar
04 Dec 2013 16:58

Can't believe Matt Peckham had anything good to say about the WiiU. He was a Wii-basher -- even when it was selling better than sliced bread. I wonder if some of these people just like to root for the underdog, which today is the WiiU.
No Avatar
04 Dec 2013 17:07

well i would say why rush to those others platforms , they are here for a long time, and most people interviewed said they are going to buy the latest annual installments of their favorite series (nfs, cod, bf, nba, fifa) , except mandatory extra 60 a year to play online now . Seriously , it's weird, it wasn't like that the last time. It's like the third parties decided everything about the launches. The first party game are weak, by their own standards, low in numbers, niche games, huge disappointment (knack), macro transaction ed , or delayed !

The best reason to pick a wii u over the ps4 or x1 is that it's free . Consumers buying at launch those , don't mind the 60$ a year, it's nothing, 5$ per month ! by that logic so is the wii u. Even better the eshop purchase gives you money !
User avatar
04 Dec 2013 17:12

None or rather most of those reasons don't sit well with me... I mean, he's being very reduntant about games specifically (the games you want now, the games you'd want then).. But what if none of the games that are coming out now or then interest you or interest the PS4 and XBone audience?

Also, there's that erroneous "e-shop" point and that "more than a game system" thing.. Is he not fuly aware of what the other consoles can do?

It'll basically come down to how it has been for the past couple of years - With what other console will you complement your WiiU with, the PS4 or the XBone?... That is, of course, if you still care enough about Nintendo's 1st party franchises to spend US$300 on a console just to play Mario and Zelda.
No Avatar
04 Dec 2013 17:15

Everyone was early to dismiss Nintendo as ususal, now we'll have to hold the door open again so they can all head back inside...
No Avatar
04 Dec 2013 17:27

The article wasn't honestly that well-written... Some of the points were obvious, and others were fanboyish. I wonder he was just forcing himself to come up with "10 reasons".
User avatar
04 Dec 2013 18:45

This is a good article to sway potential buyers that might be hearing what the Wii U is for the first time. It's slightly misleading about the other guys but mostly accurate.

Looks like the article was edited to say:

Nintendo has the Virtual Console and Wii backward-compatiblity. Sony and Microsoft have nada.

A library of Nintendo's greatest classic games is something you definitely won't find on other consoles or phones for that matter.
User avatar
05 Dec 2013 01:13

@NeroSuferoth then there is the obvious and better option. No PS or Xbox, just get a gaming PC.
User avatar
05 Dec 2013 13:47

bomblord wrote:I'm getting both.

Me too, though unlike the Wii-U, I see no reason for me to buy the PS4 yet (got Wii-U at launch, it had good games I wanted). And the only PS4 game I want right now may be Assassin's Creed, and that's for Wii-U and most other consoles too.
User avatar
06 Dec 2013 03:32

Half of those reasons just seem out right forced, while the other half just feels more like settling for less. The only points I could give them immediately was the no subscription fee's and the backwards compatibility.

As a knowledgeable enough gamer, this would never make me buy a Wii U and I doubt this could convince anyone but someone who has a child with no preferences to please.
User avatar
06 Dec 2013 05:14

The main reason to buy a Wii-U over the other ones, are that it's much cheaper, has much bigger and more unique games, and do not make you pay for something that really should be free.

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