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Natsume - Nintendo still working on GBA VC games for 3DS, Natsume bringing more GBC titles over, interested in DS VC

Coming from Natsume...

No, Nintendo does not put recent console games on the 3DS eShop, and sadly that means we cannot either. The same goes with GBA (outside of the ambassador games) — though they’re working on this and we look forward to the day it’s possible. ...We’re aware today that Nintendo has announced plans to launch DS games for the WiiU – it’s an exciting time, and we’ll be reviewing our DS catalogue for potential titles.

Harvest Moon GBC did quite well for us, and we have a solid library of GBC games to draw from for re-release. Currently, we are working with Nintendo to re-release some more of our classic GBC games. When we have dates for future eShop re-releases (and we WILL be releasing more eShop titles), we’ll announce them on our social media first! We’ll touch upon the challenges of releasing classic titles onto modern systems in a later question.


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User avatar
30 Jan 2014 21:55

Nintendo must hurry, that's a lot of games I didn't had on GBA.
User avatar
30 Jan 2014 22:07

Nintendo is "still working" on GBA VC support? What's the hold up?
User avatar
30 Jan 2014 22:16

Last I heard GBA was coming to Wii U, and there were no plans for the DS. I hope this is not a goof, because I don't like the idea of handheld games on my TV except for maybe the Mario and Luigi RPGs
No Avatar
30 Jan 2014 22:30

Let's see some Car Battler Joe.
User avatar
30 Jan 2014 22:57

It's been nearly a year. This is getting ridiculous.
User avatar
30 Jan 2014 23:57

Nintendo specifically said Wii U was getting GBA games, not 3DS.
User avatar
31 Jan 2014 12:51

I think Wii U is the focus for GBA games right now because they don't want to upset people who took advantage of the 3DS Ambassador Program. Those games and that platform were exclusive to those who bought a 3DS before the price drop. I think GBA support on 3DS will come, I just wonder if they decided to focus on other platforms to make sure they weren't undermining the goodwill they earned with early adopters of the 3DS.
User avatar
31 Jan 2014 23:39

You can't say the GBA focus in on Wii U, because we haven't gotten a single one on Wii U yet.

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