GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 488


What a lovely show we had today! I don't know what happened, but everything came together so nicely. I had a great time, we had some fun discussion and we had a few laughs. What more could you ask for? I hope you all enjoy!

Download the show here (thanks Mike!)

Direct link here

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker - more footage

Direct link here

Platinum blog update - Conceptual design in Bayonetta 2

Hello, my name is Mai Okura, I was the conceptual designer for Bayonetta 2. For the previous game, I was in my first year working at Platinum and in charge of its user interface (maps, menus, gauges, etc.). I remember giving then-producer now-director Hashimoto a lot of stress, so it was a bit of a surprise he let me back on his team. Those two games really mean a lot to me.

But anyway. You’re probably still stuck on the title “conceptual designer”, wondering what it means. Yeah, it’s a bit of a toughie. Games and movies as well often have several smaller parts that come together to form that game’s overall look and feel. This can include characters, enemies, environments, and UI too. It’s my job to create a style guide for all of these individual pieces and make sure they make sense when placed together.

This wasn’t my job in the first game, but I worked on UI under the conceptual designer and learned a lot about how important it is to have each of the game’s concepts working together to construct overall world design. I’m still pretty new at concept design and not doing anything that jaw-dropping at the moment, but I thought I’d try to take this blog as an opportunity to talk about what I think is really fascinating about Bayonetta 2.

Full update here

The Great Ace Attorney - first case details, more screens

More screens here

- solider witness' full name is Taizou Uzukumaru
- old man is Sanmon Sonohigurashi
- in this case, Ryuunosuke yells "SIR!" in place of "HOLD IT!" when pressing the witnesses
- the case's defendant is also revealed as Ryuunosuke
- two witnesses testify to seeing a student who looked just like Ryuunosuke at the cafe where the murder took place
- details of the victim remains under wraps for the moment
- development is making significant progress
- the devs hope to steadily provide new info in the new year

Thanks to J22Two for the heads up!


Kickstarter - Daydreamer may see release on Wii U

After practically being raised by Nintendo my whole youth, I would love to have this game on the Wii U. I need to get my hands on a dev kit. Its def on my radar.

Kickstarter here (Thanks Axis!)

Duck Hunt - Wii U VC trailer

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic
Thanks to Clayton for the heads up!

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse most likely to cost $40

Looks like Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is going to take it a little easy on your wallet when it launches stateside. Both Amazon Canada and EB Games Canada have the title listed with a $0 price tag, so it should end up being the same amount here as well. Getting a new console Kirby game for $40 sounds like a sweet deal to me!


Image and Form originally planned to release SteamWorld Heist in 2014

Coming from Image and Form's CEO, Brjann Sigurgeirsson

1. The new game would have to be set in the SteamWorld universe. By now it was clear that SteamWorld Dig was a hit, and we should capitalize on the traction and give people what we thought they wanted.

2. It would absolutely, definitely and without a shadow of doubt have to be ready for release during 2014, so that we could be in the running for Game of the Year awards two years in a row. If we spilled over in 2015, we'd be back swimming in the oblivion of anonymity. Instead of being hailed as the biggest and most inventive artists ever - slamming home the radically different Heist a year after succeeding with Dig - we'd be forgotten, lost, the kind of slackers not even slackers want to hang with. In short, a 2014 release was a MUST.

Summing up, SteamWorld Heist is set in the SteamWorld universe, and it will be released some time in spring 2015... the incurable optimist in me thinks one out of two is at least half good! Then again, Heist is simply a much more complex game than Dig, and takes longer to develop. It's more or less what we've been doing throughout 2014. Rather than cashing in I've tried to expand the studio, and we're now 18 people on the payroll. I feel we're still a family

Full feature here

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