A Look at Capcoms MCM Expo Booth

Bayonetta 2 Nintendo Costume Concept Art

Check out the rest here!

Smash Bros Wii U - 250 Screenshot Slideshow

Bayonetta 2 - eShop Purchasing Guide

RCMADIAX bringing unreleased games to the public at OGDE 2014

RCMADIAX bringing unreleased games to the public!

We're on our way to the Ohio Game Developer's Expo 2014 in Columbus, Ohio. The event takes place Saturday October 25th and Sunday October 26th, open to the public. RCMADIAX is going to be the ONLY Wii U game developer on site and were bringing some flagship titles with us. In addition to our already released titles such as BLOK DROP U and SPIKEY WALLS, we also prepared special demo version of upcoming titles BLOK DROP X TWISTED FUSION and SUPER ROBO MOUSE. These new titles are yet to hit the public eShop, but we excited to give the chance to play them early. If you are in town please make sure to stop by the COSI center and say Hello. In addition, we partnered with 2 select media outlets to give everyone else an exclusive look into these new titles. Please be sure to check out Nintendo Life and Nintendo World Report in the future for their hands-on experiences with BLOK DROP X TWISTED FUSION and SUPER ROBO MOUSE respectively

The Wonderful 101 Prototype Footage

NES Link Halloween Theme File Size

Platinum Games blog - Bayonetta 2 Out In Stores!

Hi everyone, this is Bayonetta 2’s director, Yusuke Hashimoto.

It’s been five long years… finally Bayonetta 2 is finally out in North America and Europe! I guess some of you might be playing it right now!

Donkey Kong Land 2 - review

This is part of a NintendoLife review for Donkey Kong Land 2...

With more levels to play through and extra items to collect Donkey Kong Land 2 is certainly a bigger game than its predecessor, however it's not quite as impressive due to being a bit too similar to Diddy's SNES outing. Luckily the varied bunch of levels and enemies ensure that the game is still fun to play through. There's some cracking music, too, and with the amount of content Rare managed to cram into the game there's enough here to keep players occupied for some time.

Unseen64 feature - The Wonderful 101

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