Just Dance 2015 - Wii U first look

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IGN: Hyrule Warriors -- Hands on with the Master Quest DLC

Fantasy Life - video review

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Skylanders Trap Team - Power Play: Krypt King trailer

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Random Time! - Image and Form shows how Steambot babies are made


Atlus USA grabs publishing rights for Attack on Titan in Australia

Oh baby, this is excellent news for Attack on Titan fans, myself included! Atlus USA has shown up as the publisher of the Attack on Titan 3DS game in Australia. Aussie ratings usually mean a full Euro release is a lock, and it also bodes well for the states. Factoring in that this is Atlus USA, I'd say a stateside release is certainly imminent!

Link, Link

Hover: Revolt of Gamers Kickstarter update - Hover X Urbance

There haven't been any updates in a while, it's true...Our team is working hard to give you the best alpha version possible, which will be released as planned at the end of the year, but that's not all ! Some of you might have felt something coming and today I'm able to explain what it's all about !

Fusty Game and Steambot have decided to collaborate on something pretty great, a subtle and fun mix of both universes directly integrated in our Hover video game and the Urbance animated series !

Full update here (thanks Matt!)

Banjo-Kazooie - Freezeezy Peak cover

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Persona Q Artbook sample + 2 New Character Videos

Take a look inside the "Persona Q Artbook" available exclusively in the Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth: "The Wild Cards" Premium Edition! This 38-page, full-color artbook exhibits the unique designs of Persona 3 & Persona 4 characters created exclusively for Persona Q by renowned character designer Shigenori Soejima. The artbook also contains the illustrations of the Velvet Room denizens and the game's two brand new characters, Zen and Rei. Joining the character designs are the colorful views of the Yasogami High School Culture Festival and rare promotional illustrations!

PR email

Final Fantasy Explorers - more job, character details


- use guns as their main weapon
- long-ranged damage-dealers
- attacks are considered physical
- additional status ailments along with abilities that buff themselves up
- rapidly shoot down enemies or drop heavy artillery-like attacks

Red Mage:

- jack-of-all-trades
- swordsmanship and magic
- Chainspell ability that allows for rapid spellcasting
- special characteristic that makes their power increase the more they use up their AP

Yuna (Final Fantasy X-2):

- special attack called Great Whirl
- some non-elemental attacks as well

Tidus (Final Fantasy X):

- can use The Blitz Ace from Final Fantasy X
- this is part of a Crystal Drive attack

Bartz (Final Fantasy V):

- equips the Brave Blade and Chicken Knife to rush down enemies
- this is part of his Spellblade Rapid Fire ability


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