Grant Kirkhope teasing something for Banjo Kazooie fans in next EDGE issue

A detailed look at Hyrule Warrior's sales

Wii U

Hyrule Warriors ~130k
Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper ~35k
Fist of the North Star 2 ~15k


Samurai Warriors Katana - 35k
Samurai Warriors 3 - 320k
Samurai Warriors 3XL - 80k

New IP Musou - sales in Japan for first game
340k - Dynasty Warriors 2
1060k - Samurai Warriors
670k - Warriors Orochi (excl PSP/PC)
660k - Dynasty Warriors Gundam (inc PS2)
660k - Fist of the North Star
70k - Warriors Legends of Troy
860k - One Piece Pirate Warriors


Kirby and the Rainbow Curse - World 6 footage

Direct link here

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse - another look at intro

Direct link here

IGN - Majora's Mask 3D Odolwa Boss Fight Gameplay

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse - more jukebox footage

Direct link here

Castlevania - Vampire Killer cover

Direct link here

Club Nintendo exploit netting users free coins

We're posting news on this to draw attention to the issue, rather than to teach people of the exploit. All we know right now is that people are using an exploit to grab a ton of free coins by registering fake Wii Mini codes. Hopefully Nintendo can fix this exploit and stop the fake code creation. Thanks to Top Hat for the heads up!

SDK Spriter - title screen menu, Hullbreach project updates

** SDK Paint v2 (North America) **
The actual update has been done since late November, but we've been running into little issues during review, mainly relating to the e-manual. Each time it was kicked back, we added more unannounced features. The official list will come after approval. Many v3 features have been placed into v2 at this point.

** SDK Paint v1 (Europe/Oceania) **
Development on this has been simultaneous to the North American update, so the features are identical. We will announce the release date shortly, but it is expected to be early to mid February.

** SDK Spriter (worldwide) ** Development has been progressing nicely, and it is on track for a late Q1 2015 release, though we may bump it to early Q2 if taking the time to polish it and add more features seems the best course of action. Functionality of the Sprites screen is nearly done, and screens for Tiles, Maps, and Levels, will follow that. A video of the final title screen menu (without music) has been embedded in this post.

** Defense Dome (North America) **
Development was temporarily suspended, while SDK Paint was finished for Europe and Oceania, and will resume in a couple weeks for a late Q1 launch. The goal is to make this a quick-play experience without becoming too monotonous, which is a delicate balance for arcade-style shooters. It will still be a budget title with add-on levels.

** HullBreach: Uncloaked (worldwide) **
Development has been slow but steady. Our initial round of videos and screenshots from mid-2014 didn't meet our standards, so we are taking time to design new ships and environments to get the game just right. After that point, we will provide more footage for it and for a spin-off title in the same game universe that is being developed simultaneously. ** Tomeling RPG (regions undecided) ** Development is still early, with just character models and storyline at this point. This title will really have development pushed once we finish and publish a few of the other titles.

PR email

GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 493 records LIVE at 3:15 ET today

Some nasty weather here in NJ right now, so I'm not sure who's going to be a part of the show today. I can tell you that both myself and Mom Brain will be involved, but we'll just have to see if anyone else is able to make it! For right now, prepare yourself for a two-person team!

We'll be going live at 3:15 PM ET, and you can find the live-stream embed right here in this post. You'll also be able to click over to our IRC and chat up fellow watchers/listeners. We can't wait to see you!

Click here to join the chat room!

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