GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 475


Man, we really laugh our asses off during this show. We hit a discussion about Hyrule Warriors and things just go nuts. I was crying from laughing and I'm sure you'll hear all of it!

Download the show here (thanks MoldyClay!)

Etrian Odyssey II Untold, Hatsune Miku, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Pokemon - scans round-up

More scans here

Derby Stallion Gold - more commercials

Direct link and more here

Fantasy Life - two more clips

Bayonetta - costume footage

Thanks to Christian for the heads up!

KORG DSN-12 dated for Europe

Thanks to Anthony for the heads up!

Hyrule Warriors - video review

Direct link here

Castlevania - Bloody Tears cover

Direct link here

Smash Bros. 3DS - returning character footage

Placed after the jump due to spoilers...

Read the rest of the story...

Amazon Germany lists amiibo cases

These cases are being made by Gioteck, so they're not first-party cases. We don't even know if Nintendo will make those at this point.


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