Random Time! - Gangnam Style gets mashed up with the Mii channel theme

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Did You Know Gaming - The NES

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Hyrule Warriors - A look at every weapon

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GoNintendo Video Review - Fossil Fighters: Frontier (by Yoshiller!)

The push for new GoNintendo video content continues on! Today we're VERY proud to bring you a video review of Fossil Fighters: Frontier. The entire review, from beginning to end, was put together by new staffer Yoshiller! With his expertise in video, we figured he was the perfect guy to have work on a video review! You can find the feature below. Please leave a comment on here or YouTube and let us know what you think!

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AVGN Adventures - video preview

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Project CARS - A look at all tracks/layouts thus far

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Playtonic intersted in cross-promotion with RARE games

Coming from Playtonic Games' Gavin Price...

I wanted to get across with my Rare comments how that even though we've left them, lots of people are still there who we consider to be our friends and of course we wish them well with whatever they do in their future careers. I don't see us collaborating on a game in future, more a sense that we help cross-promote each others games in fun ways if the chance arose either in Ukulele or other games we do in future. For example, IF Rare and Microsoft were up for it, it would be great to have a certain Bear and Bird lost in one of our worlds and needing the help of our new heroes to get back.


Game Informer readers reveal which Wii U games they're most excited for in 2015

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Modder makes his own Game & Watch device

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Target (in-store) - Select 3DS games for $15

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