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GoNintendo Exclusive - Xeodrifter dev diary #5 (animation, art and more!)

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Thrusday, July 17th, 2014

Today, we got the star chart in, which is very exciting. It is a really fancy menu; a way for the player to select which planet they want to visit. Piloting the ship to navigate between levels feels a lot more interesting than just a level select.

Right now the ship uses 8 frames of rotation. I am thinking that I may need to increase it to 16 so it is smoother - we’ll see. The movement speed of the ship is fairly slow, which I personally really like. It gives a great sense of distance between the four planets. I expect some people may dislike it, but for me, the sense of scale and distance the speed introduces is important in establishing the gaming world to the player. Why pilot a ship if it zips you to each planet as quickly as a menu click?

I have also begun implementing the level art for planet three. It is a slow process when first starting to make the level art look cool and natural, and not just a bunch of repeated tiles. I think it is looking pretty cool. I am happy with how it is shaping up. Once I have the first level of this planet completed, it will make the other levels that use this art a little quicker to create.

I started with just the bubbles, and colored them blue, then I added the rock objects to break it up and avoid it all looking too samey. In the end I went with red; I really like how the red coloring of the bubbles compliments the almost bone-colored rocks. It gives off a spooky, alien, bone yard feeling… to me, at least.  Some people may see the bubbles as eyeballs, perhaps, or even frothy alien goo! I like how different this looks compared to planet one and two. I am not sure what I’m going to do for planet four, yet.

The above images are what I typically try to create for a level “tileset”. I usually name the files “bubble_bits”, and “rock_bits”. The pieces are all placed on an 8x8 pixel grid, so I can turn the grid on and pick them up and place them precisely – so they snap together perfectly. Using Promotion, I jump between the bits and the level constantly to pick-up and place the tiles. Sometimes I also create a mini subset of pieces and just place that in the level to pick from, in addition to grabbing large pieces from the level itself and reusing once long stretches have been created.

Oh, I almost forgot: I also created the little submarine vehicle that the player can transform into when in the water. Matthew had created some decent-looking placeholder art, which we have been using for quite some time, but today felt like a good day to tackle creating something new. And, here it is…

Until next time, my intrepid explorer, thank for reading and keep on playing those games. While I finish up this game, why not give Bomb Monkey a try? It’s on the eShop right now for just $2.99! ;)

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When you combine those devastating shortcomings with the offensive price point, you have a game that should be completely ignored. In fact, pretend that you didn't stumble upon this review and convince yourself that you've never heard of Jett Tailfin. There are plenty of other — more talented and deserving — fish in the sea.

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Mighty No. 9 - first hands-on gameplay details

- cannot kick up walls
- can grab onto ledges and climb up
- has the ability to dash, even in air
- shoot an enemy until it blows up, or shoot it until it turns a certain color, than dash through it
- dash through 10 enemies glowing blue to get health
- dash through red enemies to gain a more powerful shot that shoots through enemies
- dash through green glowing enemies to get a boost in speed
- red and green power-ups only last a limited time, represented by a shrinking circle above your head
- one boss is named Battalion (temp name)
- this boss has a power-up shot that can kill with one hit


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