Hyrule Warriors surpasses 1 million units sold + some wallpapers

GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - How much have you spent on amiibo?

Vanilla frosting Combos and lemon Vitamin Water do not mix. Please take this life lesson and learn from my mistake. See you in a few, short hours!

Nintendo has a huge hit on their hands with amiibo. The industry at large wasn't quite sure that Nintendo's NFC figurines would catch on with consumers, but it's very clear that those harsh judgments were incorrect. Nintendo fans don't seem to care what the figurines do. They just like having a collection of official Nintendo figurines to keep on their desk/shelf/shrine. While these suckers took off only a few weeks back in November, they only seem to be getting bigger with each passing week.

These amiibo have been really tough to find with all the fan commotion. Preorder launches of new amiibo are sold out almost as quickly as they go online. Getting the figurine you want becomes a Herculean task if you aren't buying as soon as they are available. After that, your options come from resellers, and they're asking a pretty penny for the characters you want. It's safe to say that certain amiibo are pulling in ridiculous prices.

With all that said, people are still willing to snatch these figurines up at various prices. There's no stopping a collector once they have their mind set on a product. That's only going to get worse and more amiibo lines come up. Hell, the Smash Bros. series isn't even done yet and we're already gearing up for the Mario Party 10 series! Keeping up with these releases is going to take a ton of time and even more money.

It's time for you guys and gals to fess up! Just how much cash have you spent on amiibo so far? What was the most expensive amiibo you purchased? Do you set a limit for yourself when it comes to auctions or resellers? Just how much bank are you willing to break to complete that amiibo collection? Leave a comment and let us know!

Fan-Art: Skyward Sword sneakers

Rabbit Engineering creates Model G1 NES arcade machine

Grab yours here (plays actual NES carts)

Link, Link

Kuroko's Basketball: Miraculous Victory - boxart


Kirby and the Rainbow Curse - more screens

Code Name S.T.E.A.M. - GameStop demo size


Kickstarter - This Is the Police features Wii U stretch goal

Kickstarter here (thanks Axis!)

Reminder - Nintendo third quarter earnings scheduled for the 28th

We should actually get the results tomorrow night in the states, as the morning of the 28th in Japan kicks off before we get to the 28th stateside.

Japan - First print run of Xenoblade Chronicles 3D coming with soundtrack CD

Main Theme - Yoko Shimomura
Colony 9 - Yoko Shimomura
Time to Fight - Yoko Shimomura
Gaur Plain - ACE+
Memories - Manami Kiyoto
Forest of the Nopon - Manami Kiyoto
You Will Know Our Names - ACE+
Mechonis Field - ACE+
Engage the Enemy - ACE+
Bionis' Awakening - Manami Kiyoto
Once We Part Ways - ACE+
Beyond the Sky

This happens to be a repackaging of the same CD that was released alongside Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii.


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