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Posted: 09/15/2014 by RawmeatCowboyAnnouncements


Spikey Walls - review

This comes from a NintendoLife review for Spikey Walls...

SPIKEY WALLS is a purposeful rip-off that accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do, providing some bargain-bin fun for those who seek it. In a way, RCMADIAX's focus on community interaction over review scores is a liberating sentiment; a breath of fresh air from our Metacritic-obsessed gaming culture. Still, taken totally at face value, this isn't a great game — and regardless of what kind of comment the developer is trying to make, that is surely all that truly matters at the end of the day.

Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire - more screenshots

EnjoyUp Games announces Toys vs Monsters for the Nintendo 3DS eShop

Terrifying monsters have always been with us in our dreams and imagination.

It's time to get those fears out of our heads; it's time to smash them all. Put yourself in the hands of the toys that have been with us in every generation... Enjoy classics that never go out of style on your Nintendo 3DS: rubber ducky, piggy bank, rocking horse, and more!

They will help make sure you are never afraid, and they will keep the monsters from entering your dreams or imagination. Build a squadron of toys and wage an all-out war on the evil monsters.

Several amazing battle fields for the kids: fairs, aquariums, toy factory...
One of the most entertaining and intense strategy games!
More than 20 hours of entertainment for very little!
Intense but simple gameplay!
High-speed challenges...
Mini games!

Gameland 2014 - video coverage

New Nintendo 3DS - impressions

This is part of Eurogamer's New Nintendo 3DS impressions...

From our initial impressions, then, Nintendo's new handheld refresh is a huge improvement - with features such as the C-stick inclusion that feel like they should have been in the console since its first iteration. There's still no word on a UK release date or pricing, but rest assured that the changes feel different enough to make it a worthy upgrade.

Bravely Second - Impressions, video

Final Fantasy Explorers - TGS 2014 trailer

Bayonetta 2 - video discussion

Hyrule Warriors - more footage

The Fall - review

This is part of a Wii's World review for The Fall...

In the end, The Fall is a well-written (and acted) sci-fi story with a great presentation and enough intrigue that may keep many players impatiently awaiting the next chapter. Regardless of which platform they play it on, fans of atmospheric sci-fi horror owe it to themselves to check out this title.

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