Watch Dogs Wii U Launching Dec. 4th in Japan

Kirby Themed Money Box

Smash Bros 3DS - Official Brazilian Launch Tournament Details

Brazil will be having a Smash Bros 3DS tournament that will take place in Sao Paulo on October 3rd. Below are the details.

Check out the details here!(thanks Rafael for sending this in!)

Famitsu Review Scores 9/30/14

Flowers (PSV/PSP) – 8/9/7/7
Choco Ken no Chokotto Fushigi na Monogatari: Shokora Hime no Mahou to Recipe (3DS) – 7/7/7/7
Hideboh: Tap Dance Hero (PSV) – 6/8/7/6
Majin Bone: The Majin of Space and Time (3DS) – 6/7/7/6

Smash Bros Wii U/3DS - Screenshot Sept. 30th 2014

Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire NicoNico Livestream to Air Oct 2nd

It is also worth noting the Stream is expected to last 7 hours

GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - 18 years of the N64

I was sick for the entire weekend. I am still sick, but not nearly as bad as I was. I just hate being sick on the weekend...because it wastes your days off! Let's get through this week so I can try again! See you in a few, short hours.

I remember the N64 launch like it was yesterday. It was the first system launch that I used my own money on. My NES, SNES and Genesis were all gifts, but the N64 was funded straight from my wallet. That made the purchase that much sweeter, as I was buying my own way into the next generation. No more waiting on Mom/Dad/Santa to get the sweetest gifts!

I was obsessed with the N64 when it came out. Actually, I was obsessed long before it actually released. I had cut out/hung up print ads for the system on my bedroom door. I'd just sit and stare at those ads sometimes. That one print ad for Super Mario 64 taunted me SO much. I just couldn't wait to play that game. All I could do was sit/wait until the system came out, but that day eventually came.

Super Mario 64 blew my mind in ways I never even imagined. Sitting and staring at screenshots in magazines did not do the game justice. Actually playing it gave me feelings I had never gotten from video games before. The freedom of movement and exploration was mind-boggling. Thankfully, that was just the beginning of the amazing experiences the N64 delivered. Without a doubt, it became the console I poured more multiplayer hours into than any other.

Now here we are, 18 years after the system launched in the states. I cannot believe that it's been that long...or that I started high school that long ago! I shared some thoughts about my early days with the N64, but I'd love to hear some of yours. Let me know all about your N64 experiences and why it secured a special spot in your memory!

Hyrule Warriors - Cia trailer, DLC costume screens, art, Adventure mode update and more

Direct link here

Check out more costume art here

One Piece: Super Grand Battle X - second commercial

Direct link here

Fan-Art: Fantasy Metroid cosplay

Check out more pics here

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