Koichi Hayashida Mii Being Distributed via SpotPass

Ultimate NES Remix Streetpass Puzzle

Fatal Frame/Project Zero 5 Chapter 3 Footage

Mario Pinball Land Rated by the ESRB

Check out the rating here!

Capcom TV Episode 9 Featuring Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Surpass 3 Million Sales Worldwide

Famitsu are reporting that Pokemon OR/AS have sold over 3.04 million worldwide.

We learnt earlier that the games sold over 1.5 million in Japan, suggesting the rest of the world (keeping in mind the games aren't out in Europe yet) sold roughly 1.54 million.

Picross e5 Review

Below is a portion of a Nintendo Life Review...

There's really not much to say about Picross at this point — Picross e5 does absolutely nothing different from the previous game and can basically be seen as a new pack of puzzles. Naturally, this isn't a bad thing whatsoever, as more Picross is always welcome. If you enjoyed any previous Picross outings and are craving more, you can't go wrong by grabbing this as well.

Check out the full review here!

My First Songs Releses on Nintendo 3DS this Thursday in Europe

Let your children feel the beat and sing aloud with “My First Songs” on Nintendo 3DS!

November 25th, 2014 – Ringzero Game Studio is happy to announce the release of “My First Songs” on Nintendo 3DS in Europe and America on November 27th, 2014. The price is set at $4.99/€4.99/£4.49.
Introduce your children to the world of music and rhythm! My First Songs is the best interactive music game for kids, with a playlist of 15 popular children’s songs:
• Alphabet Song
• Itsy Bitsy Spider
• Old Macdonald
• She'll be Coming 'Round the Mountain
• The Farmer in the Dell
• Baa Baa Black Sheep
• This Old Man
• Hickory Dickory Dock
• Michael Finnegan
• Mulberry Bush
• Three Blind Mice
• Yankee Doodle
• Mary Had a Little Lamb
• Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Each song is presented in a newly composed version by cute characters in lively, charming 3D animations.
My First Songs on Nintendo 3DS will help children build their vocabulary bank as they memorize the songs and sing along, and improve their hand-eye coordination as they tap along catchy rhythms! The game analyzes their tapping performance and gives them a score. Scores can be high or low, but there is no way to fail: children can build their confidence as they learn!
About Ringzero Game Studio – www.ringzerogames.com

Etrian Odyssey Untold II To Receive 4 Pieces of DLC

Etrian Odyssey Untold II will be the first game in the Etrian Odyssey to receive DLC, some of which being free DLC, while others paid DLC.

Wave one will launch at the same time the game comes out in Japan (November 27th), which will contain art of classic characters for use in the character creation aspect of Classic Mode & be free. This wave also contains the Highlander Class DLC, which will be free for the first two weeks, after which it will cost 100 Yen.

The third DLC pack will cost 250 Yen & feature a repeatable quest that rewards players with special ingredients to make food that is apparently quite profitable when sold.

Lastly there is a 350 Yen pack that will feature a special hot spring themed quests where players will take on a giant toad. Players can also earn special images of Ariaanna 7 Chloe which can be used in story mode.

Check out more images & details here!

Hyrule Warriors & Nintendo eShop Maintenance to Occur on Monday

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