Stealth Inc 2 - new patch fixes hat issues

Pokemon OR/AS - Catch 'Em All trailer

The Cat Mario Show - Episode 7 (PEGI12 ver.)

NoA video - 2014 Fan Favs feature

Lucario and others available to pre-order once again at Toys R' Us

Mere hours after cancelling orders on various amiibo figurines, Toys R' Us has put Lucario and other amiibo back up for pre-order. The pre-orders are limited to one figurine this time though, so that likely more people can purchase one.

Club Nintendo Australia - Various items on discount, golf balls added

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker available for purchase in the UK

The Yetee offering a fan-made Captain Toad shirt today only

Legend of Legacy - two more trailers

Tomodachi Life sold one million copies in Europe

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