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Pokemon franchise - sales stats and facts

This information comes from the Japanese magazine, Otona Fami…


- Domestic sales for the franchise are at 1 trillion yen
- Worldwide sales for the franchise are at 2 trillion yen
- “monetary effect” of ANA’s Pokemon jet and JR’s Pokemon stamp rally are at 2 billion yen and 4 billion yen respectively
- total game copies for Pokemon franchise stand at 190,000,000 units
- Pokemon franchise RPG sales stand at 130,000,000 units
- The Pokemon cartoon series is now shown in 74 countries
- domestically, 85 companies make officially licensed Pokemon products.
- 3,500 items are available
- the Pokemon card game is available in 40 countries
- over 14 billion cards have been sold
- the 12 Pokemon movies have made a total of 55.8 billion yen in Japan
- Mewtwo Strikes Back is the most popular movie, making 7.24 billion yen
- The Power of One is the second most popular movie, making 6.2 billion yen, and was also the number one Japanese release for 1999.

Otona Fami cover girl, Akina Minami - “I love Pokemon. I normally don’t play RPGs. I usually find it troublesome to raise levels and search for items. But Pokemon doesn’t make those areas feel troublesome, so it’s the one RPG that I play.”


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