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GoNintendo and GameDaily's 10 Nintendo characters that need their own game

Mario…Link…Samus…these are the names you know and love. Nintendo has built up an absolutely incredible amount of franchise characters over the years. We’ve come to know and love these heroes of gaming. They are one of the major reasons why we love to follow Nintendo! You’re not going to get these characters anywhere else. When Nintendo is working on another installment for these storied franchises, we all drool in anticipation of launch day.

While Nintendo makes their bread-and-butter on these icons of the industry, they’ve also built up an absolutely massive amount of companion characters, supporting cast, and one-off appearances. These are the guys that we know of, but they don’t get much time to stand in the spotlight. They’re usually far off in the background, just doing their part to move the story along. That’s precisely why we’ve put together this feature. GoNintendo and GameDaily want to pluck these lesser-knowns from the sidelines, and put them in the big game!

Make sure to check out GameDaily for the second part of this list!



On the list of supporting characters, Falco is fairly high up on the visibility charts. His appearances in the Star Fox series, as well as the Smash Bros. franchise has definitely helped him with his awareness level. Longtime fans of the blue bird know Falco has one hell of a wise-ass, but he’s got a heart of gold deep down inside. Sounds like the perfect personality for an adventure of his own!

Personally, I’d love to play as Falco out on one of his own missions. You just know that this guy has done some missions that he’s not too proud of. He had to build up that tough exterior somewhere! To be completely honest, I’d love to see Falco in title similar to StarFox Adventures, but with a little more time spent in the Arwing. I know Falco’s a jerk, but I want to learn all about how he got to be that way!

Meta Knight


Now I know the Kirby fans are with me on this one. Once again, we have a character that has more recently enjoyed a bit more fame through the Smash Bros. franchise. Actually, from what I understand, there are millions of Brawl fans that think this character should be stricken from the roster! That’s fine by me, as it would give him more time to star in his own adventure!

Kirby this and Kirby that…it’s time to let Meta Knight take us on an outing. Once again, we have a character that is clearly a bit demented, but there’s something deep inside him that keeps tugging his actions towards the side of good. Him and Kirby may not get along, but you know he’d never end up dealing the final death blow to that tough cream puff. It’s about time we got to take on Meta Knight so we could see his take on the situation.



Surely there’s more to Toadsworth life than just playing second fiddle to Princess Peach. Hell, he’s not even good at that job! Mario and Luigi are often running about, saving Princess Peach from the clutches of evil. If Toadsworth is always at her side, how do these kidnappings happen so easily?! Perhaps Toadsworth is just a tad too old to be holding his current position!

I think Toadsworth would make for a great coming-of-age story. He’s clearly a bit on the weenie side when it comes to being a hero, but there’s no doubt that the old coot could pull off a rather brainy expedition. Match Toadsworth up with some elderly friends along the way, and I’m sure they could conquer whatever evil stood in their path. Either that, or Toadsworth could become the new mascot for the elderly expanded audience. Toadsworth’s Shuffleboard, anyone?

Professor E. Gadd


Now here’s a guy that doesn’t get enough screen time. This poor sucker doesn’t even have what it takes to be a Smash Bros. character, at least, in Nintendo’s eyes. That’s not the amount of respect we should pay to a man that played such a crucial role in the titles he has appeared in! Time for the professor to leave his lab and greet the world in a grand fashion.

Just think of the possibilities that E. Gadd could bring to a game! He’s clearly a whiz with all sorts of robotics and gadgets, which could make for compelling gamplay in and of itself. How about a game where you have to scour the game world to find random mechanical parts in order to build tools, and then reach new areas? Think of it as a Metroid-like title, except it has the humor of the Mario and Luigi series. I’s say, sign me up!



You knew I’d have to continue my crusade to get Wart back in another game. I’m tired of just wanting him to appear somewhere within a new game. I want this guy to have his own game. He’s remained quite for far too long. I don’t care if he was a figment of Mario’s imagination! I think Mario needs to take another nap so that Wart can come out and play! Mario has to sleep sometime!

I’ve always imagined a fantastic story of Bowser Vs. Wart, where they’re both going out of their way to prove themselves the bigger evil. Once again, I see the humor of the Mario and Luigi story coming into play in a big way. Bowser has had more than enough time to try and kidnap Princess Peach successfully. Isn’t Wart ever going to get a chance to run with his master plan once more? I’m pretty sure he’s be ridding the world of a particular vegetable, given the second chance.

Make sure to check out GameDaily for the second part of this list!

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