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Last Window (Hotel Dusk sequel) details reveal the reason for the 'Last Window' name, and more

- similar visual/audio style to the first game
- takes place a year after the first title, in 19800 Los Angeles
- the main setting is the Cape West Apartments
- the story stands alone, but will also present some connections that fans of the original can enjoy
- main character is once again Kyle, and he’s still a bit of a jerk
- new ‘ignore’ feature for when you’re trying to sift through conversations, and don’t think a particular portion is worth butting into to find out details and progress the story
- their is a novel inside the game called ‘Last Window’
- every time you clear a game chapter, you open a new chapter in the Last Window book
- the novel will help flesh out the story, and the over-arching world that Kyle is in
- novel contents are actually influenced by how you play the game, leading to multiple variations
- rumble cart support
- 3 save slots


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