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Bam. Media blackout on that until you tell us otherwise.

Wii in 3rd place for amount of users connected online

Information from research firm The Diffusion Group

- information pertains to United States
- roughly 2,000 adult broadband users surveyed
- Seventy-eight percent of PS3 users have the console connected to the internet
- Seventy-three percent of Xbox 360 users have the console connected to the internet
- Fifty-four percent of Wii users have the console connected to the internet

“Today’s game consoles are increasingly connected to the internet, not just to enhance their gaming experience but to access the growing variety of online media-video.” - Diffusion Group director of research Michael Greeson

To be honest, the percentage on Wii is actually a lot higher than I thought it would be. Are you one of the connected users in the states?


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